Father’s Day is celebrated on June 20 every year to honour every father in the world for their contribution to family and society. So, in respect of fatherhood, I’ve come up with some of the best reels on Instagram that the creators have made with their fathers or daughters. The bond between them is so sweet and fun to watch, and I’m sure you all will like it. 

Let’s have a glance at 7 father-daughter reels:

1. Recreating Old Picture

If you want to recreate your childhood look with your dad, just try out Ritvi’s way! The pose and outfit look so similar that it’s difficult to differentiate. 

2. This or That Challenge

Arent’ Akasa Singh and her father, Arvinder Singh the coolest father-daughter duo? Haha, watching them attempt this or that challenge was totally entertaining!

3. Styling Outfits

Sakshi Sindwani and her father sure have amazing fashion taste. How well they coordinated with each other to select each other’s outfits! Ain’t that wonderful?

4. Dancing & Vibing

Dancing on ‘Iko-Iko’ with her pops, Tarasha Diva had a great time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s perfect or not, but what matters is they both enjoyed it. Oh yes, don’t miss out on the end to have a hearty laugh! Also, did you notice their matching dress code with an olive green t-shirt and blue jeans? That’s just so cute!

5. Recreating Dad’s Look

Rida Tharana did an excellent job in recreating her father’s look. Just look at her! From dressing up in a white shirt, blue jeans, and black belt to rolling her sleeves and putting on black sunglasses, she ditto copied her dad! The poses she gave also matched so well with her father’s. Doesn’t it remind you of the phrase “like father like daughter”?

6. The ‘Dangerous’ Duo

Shivani Bafna and her father rocked Mia Finney’s choreography on ‘Dangerous’. I’ve to say that her father is young from both heart and age-wise. C’mon! Where’s the sign of getting old? He’s as fit as hale and is all up for trendy stuff with his daughter. 

7. Matching Outfits

Aaaawww just look at them! Jules Trass and his daughter look so damn cute that I can’t stop gushing over their video. They look so fine in their outfits and if I would have a voting button I would’ve pressed it infinite times because they smoothly nailed the trend!

Now, here’s another one with an overdose of cuteness, and I’m pretty sure you all would agree with me on this. Mark my words, this one will make your day! This is some extra special sugariness for you all so enjoy it.

Did you like the father-daughter reels, especially the extra one? With all the styling, trending dance, and transitions the creators made great efforts. So, kudos to them for making these lovable reels! Happy Father’s Day to every father out there, even if I’m wishing late! Better late than sorry. Ha-ha!