Earlier this year, Twitter had announced the option of Super Follow, a new way to deliver content to specific users, an option which will enable creators to sell their tweets and fleets. (Click Here to know more about Super Follow). Now, Twitter is working on an alternative timeline for “trusted friends” which will let users choose the people they want to see their content.

The concept of trusted friends is quite similar to “close friends” on Instagram except the latter is for stories only while the former will be for regular twitter timeline posts/tweets. The company says it is thinking through these concepts and is looking to now gather feedback to inform what it may later develop. Twitter says the benefit of this private, “friends only” format is that it could save people from the workarounds they are currently using  like juggling multiple alt accounts or toggling between public and protected tweets.

Trusted Friends
Credits: Twitter

According to the TechCrunch: “With the proposed Trusted Friends feature, users could tweet to a group of their own choosing. This could be a way to use Twitter with real-life friends, or some other small network of people you know more personally. Perhaps you could post a tweet that only your New York friends could see when you wanted to let them know you were in town. Or maybe you could post only to those who share your love of a particular TV show, sporting event or hobby.” The ability to have non-public conversations alongside public ones could boost Twitter utilization and might even encourage new users to join Twitter and attempt tweeting for the first time.