Twitter is currently seeking companies to sign up for its upcoming “Verification for Organizations” subscription product, which would essentially replace the current verification method for business users.

According to the tweet given below, a user can now add their company’s Twitter account and contact information to the list that can be added to the waitlist for the new business verification product.

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Twitter hasn’t provided a heap of info as yet, outside of this description: “As a subscriber, you and your business will receive business accounts and affiliation badges through our self-serve administrative portal.”

As a result, your brand will receive the new gold checkmark, and older verified accounts will eventually lose their blue ticks. Twitter hasn’t specified a timeframe for when that will happen.

Still, in general, you’ll eventually need to sign up for this new program if you want to keep your company verification. After your approval, this program will also add your brand logo to employee accounts.

Verification for Organizations

Twitter hasn’t made that information public either, so by signing up, you’re essentially gaining early access to affiliate badges, a square profile image, and a gold checkmark rather than a blue one. For a charge of some kind.

Users might also anticipate that Twitter will try to charge more than the $8 monthly fee it is already charging for its personal Twitter Blue verification plan, but, once again, we don’t have any solid information at this time.

Perhaps this is the reason Twitter is discontinuing its usage of third-party apps and tools since this is a part of a larger effort to keep that information in-house and include similar features in its own products.

According to Twitter, access will be granted “to a select number on a rolling basis in the coming weeks” once applications have been reviewed.