Do you find it challenging to convey your message by only using sufficient context in the 240 characters allotted for Twitter?

Twitter is currently working on a number of tweet status indicators that will eventually offer a convenient way to include a different element to your tweeted message, potentially improving its ability to convey meaning and intent.

The following is a list of the Twitter status options that are currently being tested, as shared by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong:

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This is a pretty unusual combination of potential status alerts – a mix of popular activities and popular sayings. Users won’t be able to create their own status instead, you’d need to choose from one of these presets.

Twitter has been testing out its Status indicators, including some that have been eliminated as part of this expansion.

A user can add a Status that will add immediate context to your message by appearing above your tweet and below your username.

Users will be able to tap on a status indicator to access a listing of all tweets that have applied the same activity, and status indicators will also be searchable.


At that time, it appeared that the goal was to make it easier for users to list the events they were going to, which they already do by including the hashtag for the event in their username.

Since then, Twitter has changed its approach to the markers, making them more of a topical sorting option to help users find relevant activity and engagement opportunities.