Recently, The Hollywood Reporter released a report with regards to the Twilight Saga being made into a TV series. The Twilight Saga is a well-acclaimed film loved by audiences across the globe. 

The Emergence of Twilight into an Obsession

Twilight TV Series

Released in 2008, the Franchise came to an end in 2012 but is loved to date. The Twilight saga has 5 films in the series including Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2. 

The second part of the saga, New Moon, is one of the most loved films not just among the 5 parts of the film but also among the other releases of its time. Twilight New Moon broke many Box Office records and is one biggest opening day collections of all time with an estimated collection of $113 million. All 5 films of the Twilight saga have grossed approximately $5 billion around the globe.


Twilight Saga is an adaptation of the Twilight Novel Series written by Stephenie Mayer. It is a four-novel series along with 2 companion novels and one novella, all of which are written by the same author. 

The Twilight film series was started off in 2004 by Paramount Pictures MTV Films, the rights were later acquired by Summit Entertainment in 2007 to make a film franchise based on the Twilight Novel and its sequels. Unlike MTV Films, Summit Entertainment was keen to make a close adaptation of the books.

The stardom of the stars

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Tylor Launter, who entered the industry as fresh faces in 2007, soon became the contenders for A-list actors in Hollywood when the first part of Twilight became an overnight success. They were deeply loved and their fanbase kept growing with the release of other sequels. 

To satiate every media house and fan’s dreams, soon there were rumours about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dating which was confirmed in 2009 when they were spotted holding hands just before the release of the first sequel. The couple broke up after dating for four years just before the release of their last film in the Twilight series. 

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Twilight Television Series

Twilight Television Series

Once The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Twilight being adapted into a Television Series, there has been a new cheer running across fans from all over the world. It is claimed that the Twilight series, the brainchild of Stephenie Mayer, is in its nascent stages of development at Lionsgate Television. 

There is no official news on whether the Tv series will be a replication of the film series or whether the creative crew will lay out a new path for the Tv series. Once a clear development plan has been charted out, Lionsgate will get into the legal details of buying the rights to Twilight. Further, The Hollywood Reporter also reported that Sinead Daly of the Dirty John fame will be signed up to write the script for the television series. 

We are thrilled and excited with this news and cannot wait for the release of the Twilight television series which will bring back so many memories. BRB, as we head to binge-watch all the parts of the Twilight saga. 

Stay tuned for all the latest developments in the Twilight television series.