Wondering what are we talking about? Here’s how. YouTube Shorts started in September 2020 and made a big difference in certain content lives.

Consistency is essential for finding success on YouTube, according to many artists. Additionally, given the rapid growth that artists have experienced on Shorts, publishing frequently may be the key to attracting new users. YouTube polled some international creators from their YouTube Shorts Creator Community to get their advice on how they used consistency as their main tactic to grow their channels and set new records.

Rynia Kando

This girl from the USA garnered 60 million views in 28 days of consistently posting.

“I like to bulk my videos, which means I record a bunch in a day or week to keep me consistently posting. I am constantly thinking of content ideas, and I like to jot these ideas down in my notes app.”

Rynia’s Hacks for YouTube Shorts

  • Schedule your Shorts
  • Repurpose content
  • Titles matter
  • Use in-app features
  • Get Creative with edits


SIMJI from the USA has consistently posted each day and reached 3 billion total views, maintaining more than 100 million views a month and growing to almost 4 million subscribers!

“I plan out my content based on my audience’s comments and my own ideas that I believe will work. It is a balance between engagement and innovation that truly pushes my content to its limits. Posting daily allows me to diversify my content. The audience can get bored more often than not, so diversifying can increase the chances of a channel’s longevity.”

Simji’s Hacks for YouTube Shorts

  • Engage with your audience
  • Keep Content FUN

Maddie Borge

This creator is from the United Kingdom and posts every other day and her shorts are based on days in her life. Maddie has been posting Shorts since June 2022 but only started posting consistently January 2023 and she saw daily views on her channel grow from 150K to between 350K to 450K per day!

“Brands want to see consistent views, and posting consistently has helped to achieve just that!”

Maddie’s Hacks for YouTube Shorts

  • Make videos where viewers have a reason to come back to your channel
  • Make your videos recognizable
  • Being consistency helps you marketable
  • When in doubt, keep posting

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The creator from India posts once a day and has been posting consistently and has grown his channel by 117,296 subscribers and 60M+ views in just 28 days!

“I post daily vlogs of my life with the people around me without any filter! Audience nowadays is smart enough to understand and know what is real versus scripted. The small fun things around you which make you laugh will make your audience laugh as well!”

Saurabh’s Hacks for YouTube Shorts

  • Keep it real
  • Maintain a Series
  • Creative edits take your place
  • Interact with your audience
  • Keep your titles simple

KL Bro Biju Rithvik

KL Bro Biju Rithvik from India not only gained followers but gained billions of views too! Posting consistently has grown his channel by 1.5M subscribers and 1.1B+ views in the last 28 days.

“Try to consistently innovate your content and try to introduce new genres which are relatable to the audience and can be replicated. Snappy and crisp cuts and edits, and innovative camera angles will take you places. Don’t be afraid to try out play around with your production idea including shorts, edits etc.”

KL Bro’s Hacks for YouTube Shorts

  • Observation is the key
  • Innovation and introducing new genres
  • Choose your title wisely
  • Up your production game
  • Try to include popular music and trends

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