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Once upon a time, in the captivating world of content creation, a shining star named Twarita Nagar graced the digital stage with her natural ability to infuse authenticity and relatability into every video she shared. The Social Nation team was delighted to have a heartwarming conversation with this beautiful content creator, whose oh-so-relatable funny videos have the power to brighten anyone’s day. With her enchanting presence, Twarita has effortlessly captured our hearts digitally, effortlessly weaving her magic in both long-format and short-format content.

Through her charming content, she has carved a special place in the hearts of her ever-growing audience. Her relatability has become a guiding light for budding creators, inspiring them to embrace their true selves fearlessly. Whether it’s her witty sketches, heartwarming vlogs, or candid moments, Twarita’s digital journey is a celebration of life’s little joys.

Twarita Nagar Interview

Twarita Nagar, tell us about your journey into content creation, acting, and education. What experiences have shaped your career and personal growth?

I started out with this massive energy, which led my mom to push me into various summer holiday activities like drawing and dancing. Eventually, she encouraged me to try theatre, even though she thought I wouldn’t get selected. But when I auditioned and got in, those two theatre months were the best of my life as I learned something new every day.

Despite having what I consider the worst voice, I learned how to sing, write songs, do plays, dance, and much more. They challenged us with fun activities like naming all the states and cities, judging how open-minded we were, and our understanding of different languages spoken in various states. It was all so much fun, and that’s how I fell in love with acting and started my journey into it.

I continued my passion for acting throughout school and college. However, during my college years, I didn’t enjoy my theatre society as much, feeling it wasn’t as great as the one at DU (Delhi University). This made me consider exploring other possibilities. That’s when I delved into content creation.

I had a content creator friend named Abhishek Kapoor who pushed me into it. He was a really good actor and used to make vines at that time. That’s when I faced the camera for the very first time and started working with them initially for a month or two, just to enjoy myself. However, I never took it seriously as in the back of my mind, I still wanted to be a journalist. My family also had similar thoughts, insisting that I should study properly and focus on getting high grades.

However, slowly I developed a strange attraction to the sets and wanted to stay there all day, whether it was in the back end, front end, or just sitting there all day long. I soon realized that this might be something I would want to take seriously, and then I started receiving audition calls, which was new for me. Eventually, I understood that people work really hard, and I should be respectful of it. After that, I started taking acting and content creation more seriously.

I always did acting to entertain myself and make myself happy. That’s how my content journey started, and I did multiple sketches. Soon, I started a YouTube channel called “Pataakha,” which was the sister channel for “Hasley Originals.” It grew quickly, gaining 1 lakh subscribers in just one month. I loved making long-format videos, but with the growing craze for short-format content, I am slowly learning and adapting to the short-format style. Although I still lean towards long-format videos since I also enjoy watching them, I understand the popularity of short-format content, and I’m embracing it.

Currently, I am involved in acting, short-format content creation, and writing. I’m still figuring out a lot of things and want to explore as many possibilities as I can.

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How did the relocation to Mumbai take place? In which year did this happen?

The shift to Mumbai happened two months ago. Before that, I used to travel every month, either for shooting or meetings. My mom got irritated, questioning why I had to always pack and unpack every 2-3 days in a month. She suggested that I should just stay at home and avoid going back and forth. Being very close to my family, as it’s just my mom and me, I didn’t like leaving her alone. So, I asked her what I should do, as all our family business is in Delhi, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her behind.

However, eventually, my mom insisted that I couldn’t travel to Mumbai every week; it simply wasn’t possible. As a result, I am now here in Mumbai, but I still find myself frequently travelling to Delhi due to our family business and to be with my mom. So it’s fun travelling always as it makes the experience enjoyable. I admit that Mumbai has always been a safer city, and I can’t lie about that, so it’s honestly not that tough for me to travel here.

Could you please walk us through a typical day in Twarita Nagar’s life? What does your daily routine look like?

A normal day in my life starts around 8 AM, and the first thing I do is call my mom. We are very connected, so I always have to update her on my plans for the day. She takes a routine check of what I did, what I ate, if I worked out, met anyone, had auditions, or made any reels. She likes to know everything. After that, I make my coffee and breakfast, which is the best part of my day. I feel like if I don’t cook, my whole day gets ruined. Then, I plan out my day, considering whether I have an audition, meeting, or need to shoot a reel. I figure out what I have to get done.

For example, today after my breakfast, I went out to shoot a bunch of reels, and right after that, I rushed here to meet you guys. This is how I end up spending half of my day. Mumbai is so fast-paced; there have been days when I forget to eat lunch in order to catch up on everything.

Could you share some insights into your creative process? Specifically, how do you approach writing your characters and crafting your scripts?

It’s literally my normal life and the people that I see everywhere. So, I’ve noticed that if I try to be funny, it’s never funny; it’s just that my life is so out of place that it becomes naturally funny. For example, a lot of times when I’m making a video on my mom and friends, it’s literally out of pure irritation. It’s something that normal people would just see and complain about, but I end up doing that on camera, and people relate to it and love it.

What is your dream job, and what motivated you to start content creation?

I actually have my dream job already, but I love acting, which I often keep doing. I’m still doing it because I’m privileged enough to choose my own career and receive support from not just my followers and family, but everyone. So, I have no complaints; I’m just beyond grateful.

Who inspires you the most in the digital space?

Way, way back, it was Superwoman; I used to find her absolutely hilarious, and I loved her. Now, I love Bhuvan Bam for the key reason that he actually uses a lot of abusive language, so I always keep the volume low to hear him, and I find him absolutely hilarious. Also, I guess the whole TVF crew. To date, whenever I see TVF content, I feel like they have made such great content; it’s damn good, so it has to be them.

For short video format, every time I see Kusha, I’m always amazed at how great content she creates. In just 10 seconds, she gives 4-5 punchlines, which I feel is so difficult. And then, I feel Dolly Singh because she always experiments with things, and I believe doing that is the toughest job. Everyone likes their comfort zone, so experimenting is always tougher; it takes guts to do this.

Twarita Nagar Exclusive Interview

What advice would you give to aspiring content creators to help them succeed in their journey?

Be yourself and don’t overthink about 50 things like your phone, the background, or makeup, because no one actually gives a damn about all those things. If they were crucial, then Bhuvan Bam wouldn’t have become the biggest content creator. What you are writing and doing is what matters. My only advice is that – “If you think it’s right, go ahead and do it.”

What exciting content and acting projects can we expect from you in the future?

I have been trying everything, so there are a lot of things in both fields. There’s one short film in the pipeline, so this year you will see a lot of things from me.

With each of her digital steps, she paints smiles like rainbows with her endearing charm. So, we hope she keeps shining, keeps creating, and lets the enchantment of her content fill your world with laughter and delight. Here’s to a never-ending wonderland of magical memories!