To keep the world updated is our job and we try our best to do so. In our previous week’s issue we talked about Instagram’s Weekly Reel Trends (in case you haven’t read it click here). But just like time and tide, the trends too wait for no one and are ever changing. It is surprisingly possible that by the time we come to know about a trend, the trend is no longer trending (now that’s a goofy trend!)

Let’s have a look at the latest edition of What’s Happening This Week On Instagram aka Reels Trends For This Week:


Tutu Pedro Capor

🎵Audio: Tutu Pedro Capo – Dj Tutu

A mimicable dance step that can be done solo or with a group. Watch Shaikh Aslam Parwez (@shaikh_aslam_parwez11) show us how to do it. 

In My Maserati

🎵Audio: In My Maserati (Moris Beat Mix) – iamolakira

Another day, another trend and another dance challenge. Follow Nisha Neha’s (@nishanehanayak) lead to be a part of this challenge

I Have Mercy

🎵Audio: Have Mercy – Chlöe

Be a part of this challenge or watch Miracema Mota (@miracemamota)  show us how it’s done. 



Filter: Click here to use

Funny AR Filter which shows hands moving the user’s lips.


🎵Audio: Such Keh Raha Hai – kk_live_now

A humorous take on crushes.



🎵 Audio:Oxytocin – Billie Eilish

Your very own fashion transition trend.


🎵 Audio:Deewani Mastani – shreyaghoshal

A Maharashtrian nose ring look.


🎵 Audio:Uber EveryWhere – madeintyo

A picture montage to music beats.


Naar Ni Dekhi + Bhangra

​🎵 Audio: Naar Ni Dekhi – the.landers

A Bhangra dance step challenge.

Aada Nemali

​🎵 Audio:​ Aada Nemali – mangli, MMI

Dance to the latest hit song.


Seven notes but a billion melodies catering a million trends! Let’s have a look at trending music tracks for this week. Fresh from Instagram’s Music library:

What’s Playing This Week

🎵 Mujhe Pyaar Pyaar Hai – Armaan Malik

🎵 Asaya – Nextro

🎵 Tutu Pedro Capo – Dj Tutu

🎵 Bheeg Jaunga – Stebin Ben

🎵 Chup Chup Ke – Pritam, Shaan, Muazzam, Rizwan Ali Khan

🎵 G-Shit (feat. Blockboi Twitch) – Sidhu Moosewala

🎵 Kanta Laga – Tony Kakkar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha

Now that you know what’s happening there’s just one thing left to do, Reel it Up!