A self-taught makeup artist who showcases face and body art creativity, Saloni Mathur, is our topic of article today. Her reels are inspiring, mesmerising and full of creativity. She uses trends with her own spoonful of personality and makes it hers. She has been in the makeup industry for years now and has collaborated with brands, too. Despite being a lawyer, she left everything to be a makeup content creator. So let’s see what Saloni has in stock for us today, shall we?

1. Shimmering Pink

2. Put Your Head on My Shoulder (New Moon Edition)

3. Wake Up and Glam Up

4. Sparkling HER!

5. Avengers End Game

If you are just as amazed as me, try out your hand at creativity and see how you like it because I’m going to do that myself now. But before that, do not forget to follow Saloni Mathur’s Instagram page (TAP HERE) to follow and fill it up with love and support. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another makeup article featuring Aditya Madiraju for you to read by TAPPING HERE!