Bethany, on her YouTube channel: Dearly Bethany, recently uploaded a video titled, ‘5 Fashion Lessons I’d Tell Myself At 20’. But before discussing that, let me brief you about her channel. Dearly Bethany is a YouTube channel which surrounds and talks about all things fashion but majorly specialises in fashion for petite women given that Bethany is 5’1, herself. From fashion tricks, tips to styling and basic clothes one should have, her channel covers it all. So without further ado, let us proceed with today’s video, shall we?

Given Bethany’s journey so far, she shoots a video to tell us and her 20-year-old self what all she would’ve changed in terms of fashion if she could go back in time. From believing in yourself, being confident to tailoring, thrifting and elevating your style, she includes all of these topics in the video. She also talks about how clothes off the rack aren’t supposed to fit everyone by highlighting tailoring and basic hacks that would make your fashion classy. Another important point she talks about is ‘Enclothed Cognition’ term and the theory around it.

I love how informative this video is and how much I could learn from her journey and execute those in my fashion style today. So, if you are ready to do the same, here is the video for you!

If you liked the video, do not forget to check out more on her channel. And until my pen writes more for you, try out these fashion hacks yourselves to elevate your style. Happy styling, y’all!