The long-awaited moment has arrived as Meta, the parent company of Instagram has officially launched its highly anticipated text-based conversation app, “Instagram Threads“. Already available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, users around the world can now experience the power of Threads and connect with their followers in a whole new way.

Instagram Threads serves as a seamless extension of the popular photo-sharing platform, allowing users to maintain their existing username and effortlessly transition between the two apps. This integration ensures a smooth user experience, eliminating the need for separate usernames and simplifying the process of engaging with followers.

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To build excitement leading up to the launch, Meta incorporated a launch date teaser into the Instagram app itself. By simply typing keywords like “threads” into the search box, users were greeted with a ticket icon on the search bar.

Tapping the icon triggered a spinning ticket display showcasing the user’s Instagram username alongside a local launch time, which was translated to 10 AM ET for worldwide users and 7:20 IST for India. The spinning ticket also featured a QR code that directed users to, the official web portal for the new social media platform. On the website, visitors were greeted by a countdown timer, heightening the anticipation for the grand unveiling.

Instagram Threads introduces a novel communication experience centered around text-based conversations. While it does not replace the traditional Instagram interface, the app provides a dedicated space for users to connect with their close friends and followers on a more personal level.

Meta’s launch of Instagram Threads marks another milestone in the company’s commitment to expanding its social media portfolio and providing users with diverse platforms for self-expression.

With the app now available worldwide, users across the globe can experience the power of text-based conversations within the trusted Instagram environment they know and love. Users can now immerse themselves in a fresh and exciting way to engage with their followers, embracing the possibilities of text-based conversations.


In conclusion, the official launch of Threads by Meta definitely brings a new dimension to the Instagram experience. With its focus on text-based conversations and seamless integration with the existing Instagram ecosystem, Threads empowers users to connect and engage with their followers in a meaningful and authentic way.