Whether you are doom scrolling or looking out for the current affairs in the world, Twitter seems to be one of the best social media platforms. The weird thing about the platform is that it leaves you reading thread after thread, engaging you in this never-ending search for something that you didn’t really care about at first but is suddenly piquing your interest now. Something similar happened to me, this weekend when I was simply scrolling through my Twitter and found this rather amusing Twitter trend where Twitteratis shared ‘the most successful lie in history’. Before I go ahead and share some of the replies, here’s me warning you that they may make you question some of life’s most obvious facts. 

Ahem! Ahem! We would want to stay away from commenting on this. But tell us what you think.

God, protect us, mortals, from these automated calls for the rest of our lives

What? This was a lie, Ma?

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To all those who fell for this, in YOUR face!

Wait, why am I still working here?

Can someone please explain? 

Hahaha, how many times have you been told this?

Wait a minute, I use this everytime and IT WORKS!

Don’t know about you guys but this thread definitely made my weekend scroll absolutely fun. If you are someone who loves to stay in touch with the latest trends and viral videos on social media, this is the place for you. Social Nation got you covered with everything related to content creators, social media and pop culture. So, if you want to stay on top of the current happenings, keep watching this space.