With the first episode, Surprising my Boyfriend,’ Aishwarya Mohanraj makes her debut as a vlogger on YouTube. During the pandemic, it is undoubtedly a tough period for relationships. Aishwarya delves deeper into this and demonstrates how she and Aakash, her boyfriend, have been in a long-distance relationship. Hence, she plans to surprise him in collaboration with Tanmay Bhat. So without further ado, let’s talk about Aishwarya Mohanraj’s first vlog, ‘Surprising my Boyfriend’.

Aishwarya introduces herself and tells us about Aakash, in this video. She then continues to show us a video call between Aakash and her, in which he asks her to meet him at the ending. She soon appears at Tanmay’s place, where she tells him about Aakash’s suspicions and guess about her surprise. Soon after, she shocks Aakash by knocking on his door, and he is taken aback. They engulf each other in their arms and later, talk about how the suspicion arose on Aakash’s end, but because Aishwarya’s background didn’t sound like she’d been in traffic, he assumed it wouldn’t happen. A humorous video of Aishwarya being terrified of dogs is also included in this video. I’ll just leave it here for you to enjoy without giving too much away.

Please go and support this video if you liked, smiled and laughed it. This being Aishwarya’s first vlog and her plan to publish a blog every Friday, I can’t wait to see more. Especially, the one with Samay Raina that she gave us a sneak peek of. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article featuring Aishwarya that you can read by TAPPING HERE!