MostlySane a.k.a. Prajakta Koli comes up with a video every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on YouTube. With a variety of content available all 3 days, we have something unique today. When I watched this video, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at how innocently Prajakta, as a character, tries to do everything that isn’t supposed to be done at interviews. Guarav’s straight face is just the icing on the cake we did not know we needed. So let’s talk about ‘How to Fail at Interviews’ YouTube video by MostlySane ft. Guarav Gera, shall we?

From asking the WiFi password, commenting on the painting to answering that the table could use embellishing when asked what do you bring to the table, we know how everything fell in the wrong place all at once. The best part was when Prajakta answers a call and starts giving her advice in the middle of the interview. I loved how Gaurav, as a boss, tried to stand up and bring Prajakta to his attention. “Ms. Koli,” he said and the answer he got was a hand sign to sit down. Oh man, this video is so enjoyable. I thoroughly loved watching it. The ending, especially with Su’s visit makes the video go to a new high. Who is Su? What am I talking about? Watch this video to know for yourself!

If you now know what not to do and if this video entertained you, do not forget to fill the video with love and support. We love the duo and the performance of Gaurav, especially, of being able to keep a straight face. Can’t wait to see more of each one of them and until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article featuring Mostlysane that you can read by TAPPING HERE!