Instagram for Business shared “3 Tips For Leveling Up Your Instagram Shop” just a day ago. With this, you can learn ways to make your shop a success.  These three tips will guide you in creating a catalog, tagging products, and building collections. So, without any further ado check out the post:

Now, let’s get a bit into the details of the three tips. Shall we?


It’s important to create a commerce-enabled catalog to ensure people engage with the products. Quoting Instagram for Business, “Your product catalog powers your shop and Product Detail Pages (PDP), so make sure it is updated with inventory.” Also, telling some kind of story through your products helps in engagement. To make it interesting, use snappy descriptions and make sure to enable at least four photos and videos per item. Details like sizing, price, and shipping also help while purchasing.

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Tagging products frequently helps in highlighting products that catch the shopper’s attention. With that, there will be more reach and engagement. The more you use various formats, the more products will be discovered. As per Instagram for Business, “Using product tags 5+ days/mo increases product page visits and purchases.” You can tag products on IGTV, Reels, Instagram Live, Feed, Stories, and Mentions.  If you want to know how to tag products, then check out INSTAGRAM Shares Tips on TAGGING PRODUCTS.

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Customising the shop’s layout and style reflects your business and drives product sales. Arranging the collections according to any theme, event or season always manages to attract netizens. One pro tip is to share it on your Instagram stories for more engagement.

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These were the main tips that are resourceful in running a successful Instagram shop. For more information tap HERE!