LOKI is Marvel’s ultimate television masterpiece. If you are watching Loki you will definitely forget about the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)!
If you are aware of the MCU style of rounding things up to a mega or a greater narrative, Loki is a step away from that direction and that’s what makes it uniquely amazing. Unlike MCU piecing its greater conclusion episode by episode or movie by movie. Loki carves its own timeline with its thrilling and engaging six episode season. You can enjoy it as part of the all-encompassing cinematic universe or as what it truly is: an excellent piece of science fiction.

If you are reading this further then SPOILER ALERT is in effect.
The season 1 of Loki consists of six episodes. 
– Glorious Purpose – Episode 1
– The Variant – Episode 2
– Lamentis – Episode 3
– The Nexus Event – Episode 4
– Journey Into Mystery – Episode 5
– For All Time. Always. – Episode 6
Each with its own uniqueness. 

The show opens with a scene from Avengers: Endgame when Loki mischievously escapes with the Tesseract thereby breaking the sequence of events and creating a new divergence as a whole. Loki is then apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) which is like a time-traveling police or more clearly a law enforcement body. Here at TVA, Loki learns that he’s a variant, a title given to someone who deviates from the timeline set out by a mysterious trio called the Time Keepers who “control the flow of time and created the TVA in order to maintain its purity.

Source: Marvel

At TVA variants are pruned or more commonly killed, in order to protect that timeline from diverging. But the TVA has other ideas for Loki. From what is known another variant has been posing a threat to the TVA and throughout time and space it is also killing their agents. Surprisingly, the variant is another Loki just from a different timeline. TVA identifies our Loki as the perfect man to track the other Loki down. Parallelly the  mystery about the TVA grows too and over the course of the show we see that everyone knows either a lot less or a lot more than they’re letting on.

Soon after Loki is processed by the TVA he forms an uneasy alliance with agent Mobius in order to track down the killer variant of Loki. From there the show takes a plunge into a story more about the two Loki and an increasing mystery about the TVA.

One episode takes place on a dying moon that’s about to be crushed by a planet, while another is set in a void at the end of time that seems to be populated entirely by alternate versions of Loki. Things move with an incredible sense of momentum with one thing being constant, Loki being on a run. Eventually working with the same variant he was meant to capture – Sylvie. Without a doubt the duo plans to unravel the mystery behind the TVA and take it down together. 

From there we see the beginning of a strong yet hidden romantic arc between the two Lokis. Ironically our Loki cannot be trusted while the other cannot trust. The best of both the Loki worlds. The show even takes a glance at parallel worlds and the thought of free will existing in a multiverse. We see Loki growing over the course of the show, but also being the Loki that we know.

The Verge says: “The story of love, betrayal, and self-determination is buoyed by an excellent cast. Hiddleston adds a depth to Loki that we haven’t seen yet — he slowly peels back the trickster persona to reveal who he is when not causing trouble — and he has a magnetic chemistry with both Wilson and Di Martino; the former is full of playful banter, the latter a mix of tender moments and fierce battles. There’s also an alarmingly straightforward bureaucrat (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), an off-kilter man behind the curtain who makes eating an apple look menacing (Jonathan Majors), a tough-but-conflicted TVA hunter (Wunmi Mosaku), and even a suspiciously friendly Siri-like character called Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) to round things out. Everyone just seems like they’re having a lot of fun.

With all that is being said, Loki is what happens when science fiction meets mystery and mischief. Loki is perhaps the best superhero show to be made till date and in case you haven’t watched it then GO WATCH!

Loki Season 1 is available on Disney + Hotstar with a confirmed installment for the second season.