In today’s episode of bizarre happenings on the internet, emerging YouTuber Raginyy got entangled in a legal case with Sonam Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja. Raginyy is a content creator who makes funny reaction and parody videos on YouTube and Instagram. She had made a video roasting some public statements made by Sonam 5 months ago which came in the eyes of the actress and her husband. The video did not go down well with the couple. Anand came out in support of his wife and allegedly issued a legal notice to Raginyy for roasting Sonam.

Sonam Kapoor is not new to being the topic of discussion owing to her wild public statements in the past that have landed her in trouble or drawn negative attention. Although a well-renowned actress with great performances like Neerja, Khoobsurat, Dolly Ki Doli, and more, she tends to have these foot-in-mouth moments in public. After her wedding and pregnancy, the actress has been on a break and is choosing fewer projects. Now, she is in the news given this bubbling controversy. Anand Ahuja has demanded Raginyy take down her video as it maligns his actress-wife’s reputation.

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Given that Raginyy’s original roast video was uploaded months ago with only 6k views, netizens are in disbelief that celebrities like Sonam and Anand would actually send a notice to such a small channel and creator. In the video, Raginyy was seen talking about certain old interviews of Sonam and roasting the actress for the same. It ended on a good note when the YouTuber praised Sonam for her acting skills and mentioned that she is trolled only for her answers at various interviews.

Here’s the OG video in question:

Netizens React

A video that had such less views is now the talking point of the town. Someone commented, “Watching this after the whole controversy, bro you’re actually fairly enabling her stupid behaviour by relating it to all of us! Why are they sending you notices?!,” and another person wrote, “Isn’t defamation supposed to be for LYING??? These are things Sonam has said herself.” There is a Reddit thread on this as well. A user wrote, “Honestly, I would never know that this video even existed if they did not send a notice 💀 Dumb on their part lol.” Another pointed out how Raginyy didn’t only roast Sonam, “Just watched the video.. she has defended Sonam more than Sonam ever has.”

Raginyy content creator YouTuber Instagram sonam kapoor anand ahuja

This controversy has left the Internet buzzing. People are discussing how a number of videos like Raginyy’s exist all over YouTube. There is speculation that Sonam Kapoor could be planning her comeback into the movies which is why her PR team has resorted to this legal issue to create some buzz around her.

A person opined, “If you’ll type on YouTube Sonam Kapoor dumb moments you’ll get many videos with million views made by different YouTubers but she and her husband are uncomfortable with the video which has just 6k views? I mean who watched it before this legal notice or whatever it is?”

Another dissed Anand Ahuja saying, “I AM bashing Anand for acting like his wife is someone who doesn’t care about her own money/clout and by extension that of others. That’s what this lawsuit is about. His wife’s thoda bahut image shattering. What’s entitled and galling is – being a hypocrite about what kind of a person you willingly chose to make your life partner and make others pay for the Faustian bargain.

Raginyy’s Reaction

The creator Raginyy ranted about the legal notice she got on her YouTube and Instagram. The YouTuber shared the picture of the notice on her Instagram stories yesterday saying, “Sonam Kapoor wants my video on her deleted, i didn’t even say anything bad about her till now”.

sonam kapoor anand ahuja raginyy controversy legal notice Instagram stories

Raginyy further shared the full legal notice issued by Anand Ahuja, signed by both Sonam and him. She was appalled at receiving this saying “Bro has lost his mind over one video.” The notice began with the couple’s business standing while mentioning the brands they are associated with. It said that the reputation of their brands gets tarnished when someone indulges in nefarious activities against them. Thus, they hired Aiplex Software Pvt. Ltd. to be their Online Reputation Management (ORM) solutions provider and gave them the right to neutralise and kind of threat to their image. This included Raginyy’s roast video.

sonam kapoor anand ahuja raginyy legal notice Instagram stories

She later added, “Tbh I feel bad about calling Sonam a dumb hag that was quite mean” and “she won’t see this so guys I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”

sonam kapoor raginyy controversy legal notice Instagram stories

Raginyy then went ahead and made another YouTube video to talk about this whole controversy. She titled this 16+ minutes video as “SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED” while talking about Sonam Kapoor without taking her name fearing another legal notice.

The incident has sparked a debate about the right to freedom of speech and the right to reputation. Why was Raginyy targeted months after her video went live? Is this a PR stunt by the Kapoor-Ahuja’s? Will online content about public figures now go under scrutiny? There are so many questions in our minds. What is your view on this controversy?