In the ever-expanding landscape of virtual reality, there exists a realm where imagination knows no bounds i.e. Horizon Worlds. Imagine it as a magical domain where your wildest ideas come to life. As a creator here, you’re not just a regular builder – you’re a creative sorcerer, conjuring wonders that stretch beyond the limits of the real world.

In this digital wonderland, the line between possible and make-believe becomes wonderfully blurry for all creators. Imagine crafting whole new worlds, not just with buildings and objects, but with emotions, stories, and experiences that capture hearts and minds.

Think of it as sculpting landscapes that play with the rules of physics, where things can float, swirl, and dance to your tune. Mountains that touch the sky, waterfalls that cascade like liquid rainbows, and stars that twinkle on your command. From peaceful gardens that calm your senses to thrilling adventures that make your heart race, Horizon Worlds gives you the keys to designing emotions and stories that make people smile, laugh, and gasp in amazement.

Within Horizon Worlds, a unique set of privileges is reserved solely for the creators of a world. These privileges encompass:

  1. Publishing and Unpublishing Authority: The power to introduce your creation to the world and, if desired, withdraw it from public view.
  2. Collaboration Control: The ability to invite others to join hands in crafting your world, as well as the freedom to remove collaborators when necessary.
  3. Duplication Mastery: The capability to replicate your entire world along with its contents, opening the door to boundless experimentation.
  4. Deletion Prerogative: The authority to erase your world, granting you a fresh canvas for new endeavors.

Meta - Horizon Worlds for Creators

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Meta Horizon Worlds v124

The realm of virtual reality has expanded even further with the introduction of Meta Horizon Worlds v124! In this latest update, Meta has delved deep into enhancing the user experience, refining safety controls, and elevating creative possibilities.

Quality of Life Improvements

Safety holds crucial importance in any shared digital space. This week, Meta’s focus has been on ensuring that the users of Horizon Worlds can engage confidently, knowing that safety is well within their grasp. Here’s what they’ve done:


Streamlined Safety Controls: Initiating the Pause feature now brings forth simplified access to safety controls. As you hover over another user’s nameplate during the Pause, a quick menu emerges, giving you the power to mute, block, or report them – putting control at your fingertips.

Educational Resources: They believe in empowering users with knowledge. To this end, they’ve introduced educational content within your safety settings. This content offers a comprehensive guide to using safety controls effectively. From setting personal boundaries to adjusting volume and voice mode, users will find all they need to know to ensure their immersive experience is safe and enjoyable.

Convenient Settings Access: Navigating users’ sound, safety, and profile settings is now easier than ever during the Pause. With a few simple clicks, users can tailor their experience to suit their preferences seamlessly.


Diverse Gameplay Tags: Users can now assign multiple tags to an object, influencing its behavior and interactions. This means more immersive gameplay possibilities. A collision event might occur only when a “solid” object collides with something “smashable,” opening doors to dynamic and engaging scenarios.

Abundant Tagging: Instead of being limited to a single tag, each object can now flaunt up to five tags. This unleashes a wealth of creative potential, enabling you to craft intricate and subtle interactions between various objects. Imagine a vase tagged as “smashable,” “ceramic,” and “rare,” allowing users to script a uniquely detailed outcome.

Meta Horizon Worlds v124

In conclusion, Meta Horizon Worlds v124 is all about enhancing safety, enriching creativity, and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of virtual reality. With streamlined controls, improved interactions, and educational resources, this update ensures that the experience within Horizon Worlds is both captivating and secure. So, fellow adventurers and creators, dive into the new horizons that await – sculpt, design, and script your way to limitless possibilities!