The new initiative by Netflix and Adobe has opened the path for creative lovers to tell a story in their own way. They are getting the opportunity to receive mentorship and submit their end project on a larger platform like TikTok or Whats Your Great Untold.

As per Adobe, ‘The Great Untold’ is “your story told your way. Maybe it’s a coming-of-age story or an overcoming-the-odds one. A feel-good saga or an existential journey. Whatever moves you — we want to know. If your story is one of the three selected, you’ll get to turn it into a short film with the help from Adobe and the guidance of a mentor from the Netflix community. Winners will receive $10,000 and come away with a priceless experience.”

Now, let’s get to know the three mentors. The first mentor is Ryan O’Connell who’s known for the Netflix series ‘Special’. He’s an American writer, actor, director, comedian, LGBTQ activist, and disability advocate.

Lyn Sisson-Talbert is the second mentor and is famous for being one of the most accomplished female producers in Hollywood in the context of films, TV, theatre, and books. The third mentor is Lyn’s husband, David E. Talbert, an American playwright, author, and filmmaker. Both of their recent projects are Netflix’s ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’.

Quoting Adobe Blog, “Adobe and Netflix will provide access to the equipment, tools and crew needed to start production on the chosen short films. Local communities will also be invited to participate as film set crew, wardrobe, extras, and more — look out for ‘The Great Untold’ in unexpected places.

Source: Adobe Blog

There’s another happy element for the participants! According to Adobe Blog, “In addition, the short films from the creators will feature alongside a behind-the-scenes style docu-series that will showcase the creative process, documented by Nadia Hallgren, director of the Netflix Michelle Obama documentary ‘Becoming’.”

This is a win-win situation for Netflix as well as Tiktok. Both are banking on one another’s follower base to widen the network and expand their audience base. You can dabble with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to make your trailer or short film of one minute more outstanding. ‘The Great Untold’ has already started on May 17, 2021, and it will end on June 13, 2021. To get more details about this epic competition you can visit Adobe’s site.