Yashraj Mukhate, a social media celebrity and music composer, has once again rewarded his followers to an entertaining single ft. Vedant Sinha is a well-known child actor. In the ‘The Family Man’ series, he played Manoj Bajpayee aka Srikant Tiwari and Priyamani’s (Suchhi) son Atharv. On the occasion of World Music Day, Vedant demonstrated his musical abilities. We observed how hard Vedant tried his hand at the trumpet throughout the series, and how he tried to make tunes despite his failure. Although there’s a catch: there’s a twist.

Atharv has now enlisted the help of none other than Yashraj Mukhate for guitar instruction. Vedant can be seen demonstrating his guitar talents while playing a melody in a video posted by Yashraj. He had failed yet again… Teacher Yashraj, on the other hand, has a solution. That is his TASC, which he develops into a masterpiece.

‘The Family Man 2,’ directed by Raj and DK, has returned for a second season on Amazon Prime Video. There has also been talk of a third season. Meanwhile, on IMDb’s list of most popular shows, The Family Man is ranked fourth. So, until my pen writes more for you, watch the video and the second season.