Vsauce 3 is a YouTube channel run by Jake Roper. Launched in September 2012. The channel is an extension of Vsauce franchise. Jake believes, “Fictional Worlds are Amazing” and the videos revolve around that too. Let’s have a look at the best of Vsauce 3. Our top picks.

Could You Survive MEN IN BLACK?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be part of Men In Black? As cool as it sounds, the Men In Black possesses challenges of its own. Watch the video below to see if you could really survive the Men In Black. 

What if Superman Punched You?

Superman, one of the strongest superheroes on the planet, even faster than a bullet. Him punching a normal human being would be devastating for the body but what will exactly happen? Watch the video below to find out. 

Could You Survive BACK TO THE FUTURE?

Back To The Future is no doubt one of the best movies ever made. But we know time travel comes with its own challenges and complications. Let’s see if you can survive Back To The Future. 

How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Weigh?

To lift Thor’s hammer or Mjölnir, you need to be worthy enough but we know it is heavy but exactly how heavy is Mjölnir? Watch the video to find out. 

Could You Survive TITANIC?

Titanic, the biggest ship of its time, had an unfortunate end. But what if you were a part of that disaster? Would you be able to get through? Watch the video below and see for yourself. 

Could Godzilla Exist?

Godzilla’s aren’t real but their movies sure are. As unreal as it may sound, the movies do give us a slight idea on how to create Godzillas. But could they actually exist? Watch the video to know more. 

Are You In A Simulation?

Life does give us a reality check and if the thought of us existing in a simulation has ever occurred to you then this video is a must watch. 

Could You Survive TOP GUN?

If you feel the need for speed then maybe you should watch this video because sometimes the need is like writing cheques that the body can’t cash. 

The Most Powerful Supercomputer

We know computers can be powerful but what does the most powerful supercomputer hold in store for us? 

A Video About Not Making A Video

Nothing to read here. Watch the video and see for yourself what the title means.

If you liked watching these videos then check out Vsauce 3 for more!