The Bajis is an Instagram page run by two sisters Shazma and Soha who attack the stereotypes attached to Muslims by portraying the same. Their hilarious content is not limited to Muslims but to non-Muslims equally.

Both sisters originally hail from the state of Uttar Pradesh but are now settled in Delhi, India. Professionally, Shazma is an Engineer and Soha is a Journalist, but they quit their well-paying jobs to take up content creation as a full-time job, which is earning them growing stardom with every passing day. 

Shazma and Soha consistently create content on their Instagram page as well as YouTube channel. The subject of their comedy is society, its stereotypes about Muslims, particularly women and their medium is a satirical comedy which is infused with tons of humour. Probably, it’s so real, that it’s funny.

The Bajis attack the lazy cliches of kohl-rimmed eyes, a flowy Urdu, ghazals and biryani, that have been the only representation of Muslim households in our movies. Their cultural commentary aims to shift the gaze from this to a more honest representation of Muslims.

Instead of doing the faith debate, they pick the small aspects of a Muslim middle-class family and how it shapes their day-to-day living. They have a series on sibling relationships which is the usual as any other sibling, without the use of over-the-top Urdu, or any other cliches shown in Bollywood movies.

The Bajis got famous for their slapstick humour in a series with Shirin Sewani, a non-Muslim friend who visits The Bajis, an ordinary Muslim family. Shirin, the character, with her Bollywood understanding of Muslims, converses with her friend in Urdu. She is baffled to know that her Muslim friend is eating “tinda,” a vegetable and not non-vegetarian food. It is almost impossible for her to believe. Even the Ramzan part of the series is a hilarious take on our understanding of Muslims. 

The judgmental aunties, the make-up artists and the angry-adorable mothers are some of the other characters Shazma and Soha play with absolute ease but complete hilarity. 

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Most of their Videos are in the Rampuri accent, a dialect largely used in the northwestern part of UP, where the Bajis are originally from. The Khariboli or Rampuri accent is also popular in certain parts of Delhi. Some viewers accuse them of making fun of a section of people but in reality, they are only representing the group. Just like if a frustrated mother charges towards their child with a slipper, it is not to show the mother in a bad light, but as a mere human, who also gets angry. 

Their YouTube channel is another place filled with humorous observations. They present small snippets from their day-to-day lives in the form of vlogs. 

The Shabbo and Gulafshan series on their YouTube channel is just so brilliant that you might forget to breathe while laughing. We legit fell off our seats while seeing Shazma and Sohan portray the characters, Shabbo and Gulafshan.

After laughing for what feels like an eternity, we only want to wish the talented sisters Shazma and Soha all our best wishes. With us, you both have earned fans for life.