Netflix film The Archies has been making some noise for some time now. It started with the announcement of the cast including many star kids to ideate plenty of out-of-the-box marketing collabs. Now it has sparked a frenzy of collaborations with iconic brands that breathe life into beloved characters from the legendary Archie Comics. These partnerships, ranging from Starbucks, Maybelline, Skybags and Vistara, that weave the movies’ experience into our daily lives. 

Marketing collabs The Archies has made creates a storm

Starbucks: Indulging in Character-Inspired Drinks

Starbucks, the one stop solution for delicious coffee and seasonal beverages, brewed up a treat by infusing the magic of The Archies into their cups. The introduced character-themed drinks such as Archie’s: Crunchy Red Hat Mocha Frappuccino, Veronica’s: Toffee Nut Crunch Frappuccino, Betty’s: Chestnut Mont Blanc Frappuccino and Jughead’s: Gingerbread Frappuccino, which brought the essence of the film to life, tickling taste buds and spreading holiday cheer with each sip.

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Maybelline New York: Retro Glamour All The Way

Maybelline’s collaboration with The Archies wasn’t just about makeup; it was a journey back to the glamour of the ’60s. The Limited Edition Pack of Fit Me Foundation, Colossal Bold Eyeliner and Mascara, 60s tinted Blush and a range of products aimed not only for flawless skin but also for transporting users into the vintage world of The Archies.

Skybags: Backpacks Blending Functionality and Style

Skybags, known for its youth centric appeal, joined forces with The Archies to redefine backpack fashion. Their collection, inspired by the film’s Gen Z focus, fused practicality with trendiness, ensuring every backpack carried a touch of the groovy ’60s.

Vistara Airlines: Flying Through Retro Skies

Vistara Airlines took passengers on a nostalgic journey aboard a retro-themed flight, turning travel into an adventure. From specially curated meals to immersive experiences at the Manohar International Airport, Vistara created a sky-high experience echoing The Archies’ vibes.

These collaborations are a fun marketing take where entertainment finds a bond with brands curating products for daily needs. Netflix’s The Archies approach to not staying limited to the screens but tp seep into our lives is rather commendable. Prior to this Barbie was another big movie that played its marketing cards right and we all know how it played out for the movies. For The Archies, the final verdict can only be given once the movie is out on Netflix but going by the nostalgic vibe they have created, we give them 10/10.