In celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and India, LG Electronics India is teaming up with the Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) to host the grand finale of the “All India K-Pop Contest 2023.” It is an extraordinary celebration of musical talent and cultural diversity. This event is set to take place on a grand scale in the evening today, September 16, at the iconic Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi.

The grand finale will be graced by the presence of H.E. Chang Jae-Bok, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India, and Mr. Hong JuJeon, Managing Director of LG India. “We are thrilled to bring you the grand finale of the All-India K-POP Contest 2023 (Presented by LG), a celebration of not only incredibly talented K-POP enthusiasts but also the rich tapestry of global culture,” mentioned Hong Ju Jeon.

H.E. Chang Jae-Bok Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India all india k-pop contest 2023

Contest Structure

The competition takes place every year in India over a period of about six months and is structured into three demanding stages – an initial online round, followed by regional competitions, culminating in the fiercely competitive semi-finals. The contest, which began as a long-term project in April, attracted approximately 11,000 participants in the initial online round. Following that, the regional round took place in 11 major cities across India, including Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Itanagar, among others. The journey culminated in the semi-finals held in New Delhi, where 12 talented teams advanced to the grand finale.

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Contest Progression

The regional round of the All India K-Pop Contest 2023 in Delhi was hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre India and Korean Culture India Fanclub on June 13, 2023. It was held at the Aiwan-E-Galib Auditorium partnered with LG and Hallyuism. A total of 27 teams with 13 in the dance and 14 in the vocal categories, participated in this year’s contest. It featured a mix of K-pop and Korean music, breathtaking choreography, and perfect K-styled outfits.

Following the Semi-Finals, KCCI Delhi organised a 5-day Exclusive K-Pop Academy which included special lecturers from Singer Hyeon-soo, who appeared in ‘Voice Korea 2’ and Yamakasi, a former BTS Dancer, for the winning teams of the semi-final from July 23-27. Out of the 22 semi-finalists, 12 have emerged as victors, securing their spots in the grand finale.

The Finals

The event will be hosted by Son Dan, an emcee who has previously hosted various international events, including the “K-Music Concert” held on August 25th in New Delhi. The global girl group “X:IN,” which includes “Aria,” a member from India, had shared a sweet congratulatory video message for the contestants. Anushka Sen, a popular Indian influencer, will also be sending her best wishes at the finale.

The contestants selected for the Grand Finale of this year’s All India K-Pop Contest are:

Dance Category

  • Outkasts – Winner (Delhi)
  • Elite – 1st Runner-up (Chennai)
  • Serein  – 2nd Runner-up (Bengaluru)
  • Axiom – 3rd Runner-up (Mumbai)
  • With Nine – 4th Runner-up (Itanagar)
  • TH7 – 5th Runner-up (Hyderabad)

Vocal Category

  • Prachi Sharma – Winner (Delhi)
  • Abhipriya Chakraborty – 1st Runner-up (Kolkata)
  • Sai Madhav Rella – 2nd Runner-up (Hyderabad)
  • Sruthi Ramnarayan – 3rd Runner-up (Chennai)
  • Jaisri Shruti – 4th Runner-up (Bengaluru)
  • Manya Singh – 5th Runner-up (Lucknow)

The popular Korean idol group “MCND” join the All-India K-Pop Contest 2023 (Presented by LG) Grand Finale Round as esteemed judges. The global boy group consisting of members Castle J, Bic, Minjae, Huijin, and Win made its debut in 2020 and has gained popularity not only in Korea but also in South America, Europe, Japan, and beyond.

The judging criteria for the grand finale for “Vocals” will include pitch, rhythm, expression, pronunciation, and stage charisma, and for “Dance” it will depend on accuracy, choreography, technique, and stage charisma. The winner of the grand finale will earn the opportunity to visit Korea. The 1st runner-up will receive an audio product, “X Boom,” and the 2nd runner-up will receive an earbud from LG.

Hong Ju Jeon, MD, LG India mentioned, “Building on our Brand Identity, which is transcending through generations, we would like to develop deeper relations with the GenZ by making their Life Good through innovative products like LG XBOOM for immersive sound experience & meaningful integrated marketing campaigns. With K-Pop, we bring them a great multidimensional platform that combines the best of audio-visual entertainment and power-packed performances.

all india k-pop contest 2023 LG

The Rising Fandom

From jaw-dropping dance moves to soulful vocals, The K-pop contestants took the stage by storm and showcased their extraordinary skills. The immense support from fans across the country added an incredible level of excitement to the event as they cheered for their favorite participants. Hwang Il-Yong, the Director of the KCCI, mentioned, “The contestants’ skills in the K-Pop contest have been improving every year, and we are very excited about it. The Korean Cultural Centre India will make efforts to provide more opportunities for Indian fans who love K-Pop and Korean culture.

We’re just minutes away from knowing who will win the All India K-POP Contest 2023. The excitement is real!