It’s Taylor‘s world and us Swifties are just living in it! Taylor Swift is currently on her Eras Tour that has been making waves ever since she announced it. This is the American singer-songwriter’s sixth ongoing concert tour and second stadium tour who described it as a journey through all of her musical “eras.”

Whether or not you are a Swiftie, you can’t escape the Eras Tour charm. It’s all over the news and social media with literally everyone either covering it or attending it or writing about it. The sheer scale of the tour is mind-boggling, with 131 shows across five continents, this is her most expansive tour yet. And it’s not just the die-hard fans who are loving this musical extravaganza, the local economies of cities that are a part of her tour, are benefiting immensely and reaping the rewards. From the emotional “Love Story” to the empowering anthem “Shake It Off,” Swift takes her audience down the memory lane.

The Tour

Taylor Swift has been performing in multiple cities worldwide, spreading her Tay Tay magic to every corner of the globe. She announced her Tour after the release of her tenth studio album, Midnights (2022). The Eras Tour commenced on March 17, 2023, in Glendale, United States, and will conclude its last leg on August 17, 2024, in London, England. The show itself spans over three hours, with a set list of 44 songs divided into 10 distinct acts that portray each of her albums or ‘eras’ conceptually. Her concert tickets range from $49 up to $449. The US pre-sale went online on November 15, 2022 and over 2.4 million tickets were sold that day, breaking the record for the highest single-day ticket sales for an artist.

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The Show

Her performances have never been just about her music. The woman knows how to put on a show. She submits to it. With a massive crew of band members, backup dancers, backup singers, 16 costume changes and dynamic elements and props that go with each song, shipped to each tour stop, the event is a production. Everyone has been raving about her shows, its concept, the theatrics, aesthetics, and of course Swift’s musicianship, vocals, stamina, and versatility. Taylor’s concert doesn’t just pack stadiums but there’s an equally large crowd of Swifties outside the venue, flocking the streets, just to be able to hear their idol live.

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The Surprises

The tour received unanimous critical acclaim where Taylor revealed her new releases at some shows. She released four songs on the day of the opening show to celebrate the tour’s launch:

– The re-recordings of “Eyes Open” and “Safe & Sound“, (both originally from the 2012 soundtrack The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond)

– A re-recording of “If This Was a Movie

– One of the deluxe tracks from Speak Now (2010)

– “All of the Girls You Loved Before“, a unreleased song from Lover

– A special CD edition of Midnights, subtitled The Late Night Edition, was sold exclusively at certain concerts on the tour

The Economical Impact

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is revolutionising the pop music scene and proving to be a powerful force in boosting the economy. Its turning out to be one of the highest-grossing tours in music history, close to making a record billion dollars! The numbers are honestly hard to fathom. Let’s do the math. Each show of hers brings in $10 million in ticket sales and $2-4 million in merch. After she makes her cuts to the stadium, her team crew and promoter, she’s left with about $5.7 million in profit per night which amounts to more than what 48% of NBA players make per year.

But that’s not even the craziest part. It’s estimated that Taylor’s total economic impact could be as high as $4.6 billion! Now, for a true Swiftie, who spent on the concert tickets and extravagant outfits/ merch, flew to the city where the concert will be held, booked a hotel room to stay in, and ate at the local restaurants, this brings in major revenue for that particular city and thus country. Imagine this amplified into thousands of hardcore fans. Thanks to her and all the Swifties, the tourism and hospitality industry comprising of hotels, restaurants and local destinations have benefited majorly from her being in town. An average attendee pays $1300 for the full concert experience.

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Tay Tay: The US Recession Savior

Running from March 2023 to August 2024, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has left the world and world leaders completely starstruck. Reports have surfaced of world leaders vying for Taylor Swift to perform in their countries, recognising the potential economic benefits associated with her presence. The ripple effect of Swift’s tour is poised to boost various sectors and economies, thus conquering the US recession.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has become a fascinating case study in the dynamics of supply and demand. Like a highly sought-after stock, the tickets for her concerts have become an extremely valuable commodity. Fans who managed to secure multiple tickets are considered to be in a position of power, with eager buyers willing to pay a premium just to experience the magic of a Taylor Swift concert. It’s a testament to the immense value placed on watching a phenomenal artist perform live thanks to the unwavering support of her fans.

In the world of mega concerts, Taylor’s Eras Tour is making history. It’s not just a display of her unparalleled talent and evolution, but also proof of her influence as a pop star economy. With her exquisite performances and the economic impact of her tour, Taylor Swift has undeniably created one of the greatest music businesses of all time.

And after bringing her love stories and heartbreaks to life through her music, Taylor is in talks with Succession‘s screenwriter Alice Birch to create a TV series potentially based on her love life. Seeing how Alice moulded Shiv Roy’s character in the show, who existed in a male-dominated environment, caught Taylor’s eye and she has already begun discussions regarding the screenplay.

As Swifties, we couldn’t be prouder of our idol, and we eagerly await the next chapter in her incredible journey. India next, hopefully?