There are creators who just create content and then there are those who spread a smile as you scroll your Instagram feed. One such creator is- Muskan.

Muskan is a recognized content creator and comedian particularly famous for her rant videos where she displayed her talents by playing a certain character. Her videos have been getting a lot of views, especially from the desi Instagrammers, who absolutely loves her mimicking. Her content will make you fall in love with her expression and leave you laughing on the floor. She also shared a glimpse of her weight loss journey that helped inspire all her followers and highlighted body positivity.

Muskan’s idea of creating this type of content is unique and displays positivity enough to change someone’s day. The girl is here to bring you a package of Humour, Fun, and Happiness! In a conversation with Social Nation, she opened her heart and told us about her content creation.

What first pushed you to start creating content?

With the world being Covid induced, the forced lockdown, and along with it the lack of entertainment in everyone’s lives. I started creating content in 2020 with a subtle hope in my mind of keeping myself content and satisfied, and honestly, it started as a medium just to entertain people.

How did you get into content creation? How did it all start?

So, I have been an entertainer all my schooling life, be it in storytelling, stand-up performances, or even my poetry. I used to perform my poetry in open mics a lot, and one fine day, I posted one of the poetry videos on my Instagram page which got an unexpected response, instantly it reached 5000 views. And this really was, a huge deal for me. Back then, I only had 700 followers and I was amazed and shocked if 5000 people really watched this video? and appreciated me for this? For real? I was crazy happy. I think that’s when it hit me.

Who are some other fellow content creators you enjoy watching?

I really enjoy watching Viraj Ghelani’s content. I thoroughly enjoy his content and find it funny and relatable at the same time.

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You became very popular and successful at a young age. When you experienced such fame, what was it like? Tell us about the good and the bad of the experience.

I still don’t consider myself very popular though. Fame has its own pros and cons. So the best thing about it is all my relatives watch my content which results in more engagement yayy, but again, the worst thing is, all my relatives watch my content.

Does instant fame come with drawbacks?

Yes, a lot of drawbacks. Because, that’s when people question you about your real skills and talents which might put you into the self-doubt phase, which brings you to a super toxic zone.

Which is the one video you enjoyed making the most? And, why?

Okay so, there was this video “Me as a lawyer” which has to be my all-time favorite video. It has some witty jokes and I feel, that’s the most confident I have ever been in any of my previous work.

Do you work on your content? Take us through your ideation process – from the first thought to the last, and do you see any difference in your approach towards creating content today compared to what it was 2 years back?

The thought process mostly comes from daily observations. Yes, of course, I have become better when it comes to editing. You grow as you go, and the quality of content and videography has become better than it used to be. But again, I am always learning. And I am still a rookie who loves creating mistakes as long as they help me grow into a better individual and put some value in my life.

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