Clubhouse, the social audio app has introduced two new features, “Share on Clubhouse” and “Web Listening.” Here’s all you need to know about them.

Sharing and Web Listening

Share on Clubhouse (plus Clip + Share Counts)

For Clubhouse the best part has always been its community. From helping others in finding a job to raising monetary aids for charitable purposes, the community has always stood strong. Out of vast pieces of feedback the one Clubhouse has heard the most is people needing more ways to discover great rooms “that are happening in distant parts of the hallway — and to have their rooms get discovered by others.” Which is why the ability to tap Share on Clubhouse has been launched. This will allow your followers to know about the great room you are in.

Here’s how the feature works:

  • Tap the “Share” button at the bottom of a room.
  • Three options will be displayed: Share on Clubhouse, share via a social network, or copy the link to share via a messaging app.
  • Selecting ‘Share on Clubhouse‘ will add a comment and then share the room to your followers. The followers will see the room in their Hallway and if the room is live they will be notified about it.

With this release Clubhouse is giving creators more tools to understand how their rooms are doing by launching Share and Clip counts at the bottom of the room. The first version of both of these features will start to roll out to iOS and Android this week.

Web Listening

With the holidays getting over and people heading back to their normal lives, Clubhouse has been hearing about the need for web listening. Fortunately by the start of this week, Clubhouse will be ready to share the work of an intrepid team that started to explore this very feature at a Clubhouse hackathon last month. Web Listening allows anyone to listen to a Clubhouse room from their phones or laptops, without needing to download an app or log in!

In the starting phase it will work for both Replays and live Rooms with Replays enabled, and will include support for most major browsers. The feature has already rolled out as an experiment in the U.S. If found useful the Clubhouse team will plan to expand support to cover “more room types, more countries, and more parts of the full Clubhouse experience over time.”

Check out the official Clubhouse Blog about this feature by clicking here.