Influencers and digital creators, listen up! Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri dished out some of the coolest tips and tricks to crack the engagement game on the app! He shared valuable insights on how to increase engagement through a video on his Instagram account.

Keep an eye on your insights for a few days after you post, not just for the first few hours. Because of how recommendations work on Instagram, your content can continue to reach new people for a few weeks after posting,” Mosseri wrote in the caption.

Adam Mosseri’s Tips & Tricks To Boost Engagement

Hear it from the man himself. You know these are going to come in very handy!

Track Performance

Adam Mosseri recommends tracking the performance of your posts beyond the initial days of posting your content. He advises keeping an eye on the post insights for a few days after you post, not just for the first few hours. This strategy helps gauge long-term engagement and reach, as some posts may continue to attract viewers multiple weeks after being published.

Engagement Rate Over Follower Count

Mosseri highlighted that your follower count is not the only measure of success. “The engagement rate on your content is more important than your follower count,” he emphasised. It is essential to remember that high engagement rates indicate active interactions, which makes them a better success metric than just increasing follower numbers.

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Respond To Comments

Interaction is essential. Mosseri highlighted the importance of responding to comments on your post for up to at least a week after posting. “Engaging with comments in the first week can significantly boost your viewership,” he stated. This approach not only improves how easily you can be seen but also encourages a lively and engaging presence on the ‘Gram.

Demystifying The Power of Recommendation

A major part of engagement on Instagram stems from recommendations, showcasing posts from accounts that you don’t follow. “Because of how recommendations work on Instagram, your content can continue to reach new people for a few weeks after posting,” Mosseri emphasised. These posts are curated based on a user’s interests and past interactions, broadening content reach.

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Sharing: An Important Metric

According to Mosseri, sharing posts across is the most important metric for evaluating the success of the content you curate. “The number of shares indicates how many people who viewed the content shared it with others,” he stated. Sharing posts is an important way to measure engagement and reach on social media platforms, showing audience interest and the potential for content to go viral.

Carousels Are The Key

Carousels are also one of the most essential tools for content engagement, which offers a dynamic way to convey information and tell stories through a series of swipe-able images or videos. “We might show the first post in the carousel to someone, and if they don’t swipe to the second or third, we might show it again automatically swiped to the second or third post,” Mosseri explained. Repeated and clearer exposure of the subject can lead to higher engagement with the audience.

Internet Reacts

Mosseri’s post did attract a substantial amount of interest, or should we say “engagement” on Instagram. The post received nearly 400,000 views and over 23,000 likes so far. Moreover, the comments section has been buzzing with responses from various users who appreciated his practical and insightful advice.

While one user commented, “For once, I’m in total agreement with this. Seeing it happen with multiple accounts that I manage.” Another added, “A lot of people delete their content if it does not perform well within the first 2-3 days. That’s why it is important to let that work. And not all content will work well.

Following Adam Mosseri‘s tips isn’t just about getting more likes, but building real connections. Focus on posting great, authentic, and real content for your followers. Stay flexible with trends and watch your Insta game grow naturally!