DJ Snake’s remix version of Dhee’s ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ feat. Arivu on Spotify has created a bomb in the music world. Just knowing that this is a collaboration between an international music producer renowned for his EDM and India’s Tamil singer, is so damn thrilling. Released on June 21, 2021, India’s first-ever song from Spotify Singles has around 5.3 million views on the revealing post itself.

On Spotify, it has received around one lakh plays. You can listen to the remix version of ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ here:

The original track which was released on May 7, 2021, had caused quite a sensation back then upon its release. Netizens are still crazy about the song. Currently, it has crossed 268 million views and 4.1 million likes on YouTube. Presented by A.R. Rahman’s majja, the track was Dhee’s first independent single inspired by the authentic and native sounds of Tamil Nadu. It was produced by Santhosh Narayanan and directed by Amith Krishnan of Studio MOCA.

Listen to the original version of ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ here:

Spotify is doing an exemplary job in pushing worthy artists to the spotlight by releasing their independent singles. Also, through majja A.R. Rahman wants independent musicians to flourish, and he also aims to globalize the Indian music industry. So, both platforms are working towards a common goal of developing the music industry, especially independent artists. This #SpotifySingles collaboration encouraged a lot of people and opened new ways of growth. People need such inspiration, and they’re getting it.