We’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing conversations with a number of content creators. Be it from the lens of comedy, fashion, or beauty, we try our best to entertain you. And this time, we were amused and graced by the presence of the cutest creator on the internet: Plowy, the cat!

In a world where social media is at the forefront, a new trend has taken the internet by storm – pet influencers. Now, pets are not just your adorable companions but they’ve also become four-legged fashionistas and social media sensations. From posh pooches to fabulous felines, pets are stepping into the spotlight with style, grace, and a paw-some sense of fashion. 

When it comes to Plowy, she is clearly an Instagram celebrity cat. This enchanting feline has an irresistible charm that has propelled her to the forefront of the pet influencer world. Her photogenic appearance and expressive eyes make every picture purr-fect. Beyond the fashionable looks, Plowy has become a trusted source of fashion inspiration for fellow feline buddies. She also uses her Instagram page to share tips on grooming and nutrition.

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Plowy was barely a two-month-old kitten when Mumbai-based Hitesh and Manisha Sharma saw a post for her adoption and decided to bring her home. And needless to say, ever since they got her, they spoil her to the core. The paw parents honed Plowy’s outgoing personality and showcased her ~extra~ version on social media. 

From a slew of dresses, shirts, dungarees, skirts, caps, shades, and accessories galore, Plowy is a pampered fashionista. We admit we’re jealous of her wardrobe! She has a closet full of clothes, bags, and accessories which she never repeats along with special festive looks and match jerseys. Not just that, she is also an avid traveller! Starting with short trips, Plowy’s parents take her along on their vacations across the country. 

The Social Nation team had the cutest chat with Plowy and her parents. Meet the purrfectly fabulous celebrity cat: Plowy and read on to know more about her:

Hi Plowy, can you please introduce yourself to our audience and also your family who lives in this house “rent-free”?

Imma got my name from the Polish language which means my fur color. It is picked up by my meowmy. Meow shares her life with pawpaw and meowmy. Pawpaw spoils me with extra playtime & bowl full of food. My meowmy, on the other hand, is the perfect blend of love & extra cuddles.”

Plowy, what would your bio be if we found you on a dating app?

I may have 9 lives but I am looking for the one to spend them with #meowmatch

What are the 3 things that Plowy can’t live without? 

When it comes to meow, it’s all about the basics – naps, travel, and a bag full of treats!

What are your favourite fashion looks? 

-Quirky summer shirt with a hat

-Dashing pullover in winter, paired with pearls

As the festive season has begun, is there a particular look you would love to try or experiment with?

Imma never tried wearing a saree, maybe I would loaf to experiment wearing a saree, especially Alia Bhatt style.

What does a typical day in your life look like, since you are so popular?

Oh, it’s so tough to be a celebrity! It starts with lots of cuddles, endless chin scratches, gracing paparazzi, and of course, lots of beauty sleep.

Isn’t she the most adorable kitty? We couldn’t get enough of her cuteness. We also spoke to her parents to get insight into the behind-the-scenes of Plowy’s social media life.

How did Plowy come into your life? Give us a little backstory.

Manisha: “Back in August, 2018, I was working in a law firm and I saw this post on Facebook about this family of cats. The people taking care of them were unable to feed them and so they put up a post for adoption. When I saw her (Plowy) picture, I instantly fell in love with her. I told Hitesh that I want her at any cost! It was like love at first sight. When we went to get her, we saw there were many cats but we knew we could only afford 1 cat at the time. We waited till midnight and finally that moment came when we saw Plowy in a pink basket and were just ready to take her.

plowy the cat pet influencer celebrity cat

How did you come up with the idea of making Plowy a social media influencer?

Manisha: “One day while working in office I was missing my baby girl A LOT. I told Hitesh let’s make a page on Instagram for her and you keep posting random things that she’s doing in the day on it. That’s when we created her Instgram page and called it Plowy, the cat after extensively researching for her name.”

One thing about Plowy that you would like to change?

Hitesh: “One thing that we want to change in her is that she starts to give us more attention. The attention is always on her, we would want her to give the same amount back to us too, haha. Another thing is sleep less and stop waking us up at 5 am for your breakfast! She wakes up at 5 am and that’s when birds come outside our window, so she wants to be there at that time. They converse in a language only they understand. Plowy doesn’t adjust to our schedule, we do. She eats all 3 meals at the same time as us but sleeps before and wakes up before us and expects the same from us.

If you want to be friends with Plowy, what is the one thing that we should remember?

Manisha: “I believe patience is the key with cats. She won’t bother much about what is going on around her, she is in her own world. One key thing that you will need to be friends with her is a bowl full of food! She needs a never-ending supply of treats.

Plowy is now a full-fledged influencer. Can you tell us how her content creation journey began? What was the thought behind it?

Hitesh: “When Plowy came to our house, she brought a lot of happiness and we wanted to spread that happiness. When we would show 10 people her content, they would really like it and would ask when is the next video dropping. Especially during lockdown, they would be very happy to see cat content and watch her running around, eating food, drinking water, etc, Her content would bring a smile on people’s faces. That’s when it kicked us to get into this. And also we are animal lovers who wish for India to be a more pet-friendly country. So that’s become our vision now.

How did y’all think of dressing up Plowy in these extravagant outfits?

Manisha: “Plowy has a designer of her own who makes customised clothes for her. We send her the theme we want, and she designs them accordingly with perfect measurements. They need to be well-fitting because Plowy should also feel comfortable. We got this idea when we would see female influencers do the ‘Get Ready With Me (GRWM)’ videos and felt that why can’t cats do it too? They’re divas, haha.”

Hitesh: “There’s a concept of fashion designers and shows like Lakme Fashion Week and all but it’s not there for cats. So we thought let’s create a cat designer and we collaborated with Fur Villa. She’s the best at it. Like Manisha mentioned GRWM, the next concept we’re doing is “What’s In Plowy’s Bag?” with her cute little orange bag.”

As we bid goodbye, what’s the one change you, as a pet parent want for the readers to understand?

Hitesh: “We want the country to slowly become more and more pet-friendly. More cafes coming up where you can take your pets with you, more hotels in tourist destinations opening up their properties for pets to be accommodated… I think that will be a very big change in the nation where accessibility for and adoptability of pets grows. That is something we want to promote.”

That brings us to the end of our most favourite interview! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Plowy, the cat, and her pet parents as much as we did. “Pet influencers” is definitely a growing industry in itself and we look forward to seeing many more pets create content upon being inspired by Plowy.