Every week, social media platforms roll out new features, and we’re here to provide a quick rundown of everything that occurred this week.


The Community Notes feature on Twitter has received a useful new update. When a tweet that a user has previously commented on, liked, or retweeted receives a note, the platform will introduce a new alert for users.

Twitter Community Notes announced, “Starting today, you’ll get a heads up if a Community Note starts showing on a Tweet you’ve replied to, Liked, or Retweeted. This helps give people extra context that they might otherwise miss.”

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A tweet can be made more relevant to recommendation algorithms by liking, retweeting, or responding to it. The algorithmic stream that Twitter uses has been promoted for some time. With this new update, users can delete their likes or retweets if the context offered by a Community Notes contributor conflicts with the original viewpoint.

YouTube is introducing a new method to use Shorts as part of its community engagement process, and it also wants to support Shorts creators by assisting them in getting more subscribers through their videos.


By allowing users to respond with a short in the comments feed, YouTube is attempting to make shorts a more responsive interaction option.


Now that creators can submit Shorts clips as in-stream comment replies, the engagement process can use Shorts in yet another manner.

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Meta announced the launch of a new Broadcast Channels feature that will let creators use Messenger to send followers quick updates, polls, and other forms of interaction. Both Facebook and Instagram will have access to it.

According to Meta’s announcement, “Creators can use broadcast channels as a casual, quick method to keep followers up to date.” They can share their most recent news and behind-the-scenes moments using text, pictures, videos, and voice notes.


They can even make polls to collect feedback from fans. Followers can respond to the material and cast their votes in polls, but only creators can send messages.


Reddit has increased its search capabilities once more by adding a new feature that allows users to look for comments within a particular article within the app.

That will give you another way to search for specific discussion points and mentions within comment threads, which will be useful if you’re trying to find one particular thing someone said.


So what does this mean?” You don’t have to be on the posting page anymore, and you can search comment threads without expanding them. “No more long scrolling sessions—quickly get to the parts of the conversation you’re looking for and jump in where you want.”

It will also be useful for brands if you’re curious to know if, for instance, their product is mentioned in a related discussion. It’s the latest in Reddit’s evolving search tools, which provide more ways to find relevant info in the app.