When we come across content that is not just regular everyday reels, we stop scrolling and watch it. Some of it is because of the trends and even though the content that we see is always trying to reach us and everyone who is creating content puts in their best efforts, some of the content just stays with us. One such creator is- Aastha Shah.

Aastha Shah is a fashion influencer and content creator. She is renowned for producing fashion and lifestyle videos on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. Aastha frequently provides her followers with travel and lifestyle information in addition to fashion and beauty advice.

Aastha has turned around the content and has put her fans in a position where they can not just expect dance and fashion from her but much more than that.

Aastha collaborated with another content creator- Jigar Thakkar and the content that they made together is nothing ordinary.

‘Kesariya’, the song from Brahmastra was doing rounds everywhere- people were making singing and dancing content throughout the internet, and that’s when these creators broke the internet by recreating the video of the song.

Aastha Shah is a well-known fashion influencer and content creator who has developed a sizable fan base through her fashion and lifestyle posts but this content is something that keeps her out of all the other lifestyle creators and all.

They also did this video for the Arijit hit ‘Apna Bana le’.

The content creators are taking efforts to not just go forward with content that entertains but also high-quality content. They are making all the efforts that are not usual.

On Instagram, where she shares her fashion and lifestyle content with her followers, Aastha Shah has a sizable fan base. She is also renowned for her collaborations with many fashion and beauty companies and for using her social media channels to advertise products and create content.

Her recent reel has crossed expectations as it is not just the song. The duo has recreated the whole movie- ‘Ye Jawaani hai Deewani’ in a reel! The whole movie portrayed in less than two minutes.

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Their reels are fun and new to see- that makes it more interesting as it’s something different than the trend.

With high-quality production content and the best execution, they are slaying it and we believe it has been setting up high expectations.

Aastha and Jigar’s content caught our eyes. Do let us know if there is another duo whose content you can’t stop watching due to its uniqueness.