Snapchat has been quite active when it comes to protecting its users from data leaking and protection. They’ve now added up new things to help parents have new content moderation tools.

The Family Center feature of Snapchat, which debuted in August of last year, allows parents to keep tabs on who their children are engaging with in the app without having access to the actual messages and violating the privacy of the child. The new sensitive material limits will provide parents even more confidence in regards to their child’s use of the app, and this adds another layer of assurance and insight.

In order to help parents and regular users better understand how it ranks and distributes uploads, Snapchat has added a new feature to its Family Center that will allow parents to limit the content that their children view in the app. At the same time, Snapchat is attempting to increase the transparency of its content guidelines.

snapchat family center

Regarding the Family Center upgrade, parents will have more assurance that their children won’t be exposed to offensive information in the app thanks to Snapchat’s new sensitive content toggle under the Family Center control panel.

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“Our new Content Controls in Family Center will allow parents to filter out Stories from publishers or creators that may have been identified as sensitive or suggestive. To enable Content Controls, parents will need to have an existing Family Center set up with their teen.”, says Snapchat.

The rules detail everything that Snap permits in the app, including anything that can be recommended, what it deems sensitive, and what it forbids from being distributed there.

There are interesting elements of ‘Creative Quality’-

Rules for engagement are also shared-


The significant development, though, is that Snapchat is now posting its Content Guidelines for the first time, which give a comprehensive insight into how is vetting and moderating content in both Stories and Spotlight. This is at least from a more general relevance viewpoint.

We have always shared these guidelines with our media partners and Snap Stars. By publishing these full content guidelines for anyone to read, we want to offer greater transparency into the stronger standards we set for public-facing content and into our eligibility requirements for distribution.”, shared Snapchat.