According to Snapchat Newsroom, the use of Augmented reality (AR) is expanding; according to Snapchat, over 250 million users, or 72% of its active user base, interact daily with augmented reality features in the app.

It’s exciting to see how much AR has evolved over the past few years. Today, more than two-thirds of AR shoppers say they intend to purchase products after using AR, and four out of five feel more confident in their purchase when they can use AR to help make their decision. 

There’s a growing demand from consumers for utilitarian, branded augmented reality experiences that advertisers must meet.

Snapchat focuses more on AR implementations

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As one of the largest AR platforms, Snapchat has worked closely with small and large advertisers to ideate, develop, and distribute various types of branded experiences through AR Lenses, which can be built in various ways based on your available resources.

Leverage simple or sophisticated lenses Snapchat based on your brand objectives

It’s not necessary to build complex augmented reality experiences to be successful. In order to compare the effectiveness of straightforward AR Lenses and more complex Lens creativity.

The study covered the product categories of cars, cosmetics, food and beverages, and shoes.

Snapchat focuses more on AR implementations

Keep it simple, provide utility, and reduce confusion

  • The case for simple creative: The ability of brands to create simple yet effective AR experiences enables them to take advantage of fast, efficient production and experiment with a diverse range of assets.
  • The case for sophisticated creativity: On the other side of the coin, sophisticated Lenses can drive deeper engagement by allowing more entryways and surfaces for interaction.

Users can produce effects that are reasonably pleasing to the eye and might benefit their promotions with a little perseverance and hard work.

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