The 1.5 million Snapchat+ subscribers now have access to three additional options in the app thanks to some recent Snapchat+ updates for the holidays.

The first change is the ability for Snapchat+ subscribers to personalize their Camera buttons, including the camera icon, in-app function displays, and more.

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In addition, there are practical features like the ability to set your own Story expiration dates and control how your contacts are shown. However, the main appeal of Snapchat+ is that it gives users more opportunities to personalize Snapchat, which is why 1.5 million people have already signed up.

These possibilities include different app icons, distinctive notification noises, and flexible color schemes.

Additionally, Snapchat+ users may now add unique backgrounds to their chats within the app.

According to Meta, its apps will always be free to download because it benefits more from widespread use than they could from access fees, which has historically been the general belief among social apps.

Additionally, Snap allows users to give an S+ subscription as a present for Christmas, which could be a straightforward way to boost take-up.

Snap updates Snapchat+

It’s challenging to picture a scenario in which subscription services overtake advertising as the main source of income for social applications, primarily because we’ve grown accustomed to using these services for free and only having to put up with advertisements.

In that regard, Snap is also thinking of a “Story Boost” feature that would ostensibly make subscriber Stories more visible to viewers.

Snap updates Snapchat+

Snapchat history suggests that only a small percentage of users will actually pay, as was the case with Snapchat+ and the previous version of Twitter Blue. If this is the case, then it still appears doubtful that subscription programs will become widely used.