Nikunj Lotia who is famously known as BeYouNick has won hearts with his content over the years. However, the content creator has now launched his original song.

The first thing you think and the first thing, the person you think of when you get up every morning is what makes “SUBAH.” It is written by Nick and Karan Kanchan who is also the producer of the music track.

While this song is not his first song, this one is where he talks about relatable feelings that most people have. With beats at the correct music points, the artist has captured a story in less than two minutes.

With great content, comes great viewership and eventually loyalty. Nick’s song has crossed the million tag within 24 hours of its release and the song speaks for its numbers!

Nikunj has been featured in Creator Spotlight, a YouTube exclusive where his journey is talked about and how he continues to give content that is relatable, entertaining and meaningful.

Before giving us this song, Nick also tried to rectify one of the most-played songs this year (feels like it), with better lyrics. Here’s how it went-

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This has surely been an amazing year for the creator, and actor as he announced his debut in the movie TheवरGinTree.

His other music videos are here too.

If you liked his music, his content will entertain you too. Check out his handles on social media platforms as they could be a ride of joy for you topped with humor.