A fashion enthusiast who is helming her own talent agency under the label ‘The Mariam George Models’, Mariam George adorns multiple hats. Mariam tends to be an entertainer by heart and a content creator by profession but also enjoys singing and acting.

Her content transcends mundane topics of conversation and believes in creating offbeat discourse. In conversation with Social Nation, Mariam George unravels the content creation mantra, Instagram Reels to the rescue, creating differentiating content for Youtube, and more.


A little dig into your background reveals that you were a psychology student who dabbled in content creation. What inspired you to take the big leap?

Back in high school I was convinced I was going to practice psychology in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands and grow some plants while I was at it. And then a year into college when the pandemic hit, I was trying out different hobbies for a good three months till my boyfriend said “I don’t think you’re going to actually do psychology”.

And that got me thinking “hmmm what if I don’t”. A month after that, my cat died, and I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore so I pulled out my phone and started making YouTube videos (like I have been doing since 2009 but those videos just kept getting more embarrassing the older I got lol).

I did that for about 4 months and I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted to see and it got my parents worried too. They weren’t all that supportive of it (Indian parents, am I right?), and right when I was about to give up, I thought of giving TikTok a shot. A video got 2000 views once and I was so excited about it so I kept going and that seemed to have worked out pretty well for me as of now.

How has your journey been so far? When did it start and how has the creator world treated you so far?

So far I’ve been able to do things I didn’t think I would be able to do before. I’ve always known entertainment is what I was born to do but I never know how or when I would do it until I hit rock bottom. When TikTok started taking off for me, I was happy because I was achieving milestones that I didn’t think I could. All of it started in 2020 and I’m blessed with very supportive followers.

Being a creator now, the only other person who would understand any sort of struggle is another fellow creator (or my manager. Shoutout to Atusha). I think to anyone else (parents and relatives especially) it would seem like a waste of time and that sometimes puts me in a position where I feel the need to prove myself.

So there’s a constant reminder in my head that this is a real job. It doesn’t feel like one because it’s my passion.

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What kind of content do you love creating the most and why?

I used to create makeup videos back in 2015 and I wasn’t enjoying it as much. I’ve created covers, cooking videos, prank videos, etc. So I can confirm my favorite is making skits because it really digs deep into my creative side. When a skit turns out well, I feel more accomplished because scripting takes a while.

Youtube or Instagram – which is the preferred platform for content creation?

I can’t pick because the kind of videos I make on YouTube is very different from what you see on my Instagram. YouTube helps me express more while Instagram is more relaxed. If I’m being honest, I think YouTube videos are more fun to film.

What has been your favorite piece of content to date on social media?

My favorite kind of videos to watch are compilations of random videos on YouTube. They’re usually titled “random videos I watch at 3 am” and I think those are the most entertaining videos to exist. People are just so raw in them.

One content creator or influencer who must be followed on social media, according to you?

Me. Obviously. (and all my friends because they make such cool content too. I’ve also been binge-watching Bretman Rock but everyone already follows him).

You aim to bring about a change in the modeling industry. How do you plan to contribute to that through your content?

The content I put out on my main page has nothing to do with the business I run on the side and that’s mainly because my content is pure entertainment. But to achieve my mission with the agency, my first target is getting brands to change their perspective on what a “model” is.

My whole intention behind starting the agency was to hire talents, for their talent. Not for their size, color, or shape. I believe if that’s how I keep doing things, clients that really stand for the same cause as me and my team would help me reshape the industry. It really is a slow process and we’re working towards our goal every day.

My goal with the agency and my goal for my career as a content creator are different from each other so it’s two separate books to write lol.

How do you think Instagram Reels has changed the content dynamics after Tiktok?

Ever since reels came out, it made it so much easier to gain followers and increase engagement on Instagram. And in India, this is a blessing after TikTok was banned. I think, for the most part, reels just brought Instagram back to life. Now it’s not just pictures of people but you get to see them be more themselves through reels.

Lastly, what’s your mantra to keep creating content consistently?

“Think of something illegal or taboo and make a video about it. NOW”