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Get ready for a laughter extravaganza as we delve into the hilarious world of Niranjan M, better known as Laughtersane. With his infectious humor and unique comedic style, he has captured the hearts of comedy enthusiasts far and wide. Through his performances, he creates a respite from the chaos, spreading happiness and a sense of unity.

Niranjan M’s comedic prowess knows no bounds. Armed with a quick wit and a knack for finding humor in everyday situations, he brings a refreshing and quirky perspective to the world of comedy. His ability to turn mundane moments into uproarious anecdotes is a testament to his comedic genius. He has the gift of uniting people through shared laughter, reminding us of the power of humor to bring us together.

In a conversation with Social Nation, Niranjan M opened up about his incredible journey, the inspiration behind his character impersonations, and his heartwarming relationship with Mainak.

What sparked your passion for creating content on social media and how did you embark on this incredible journey?

It has always been about my audience. The amount of love I’m getting from them is the main energy source for me to make such content and get better day by day.

The starting was amazing, it was during lockdown when we had to maintain such protocols like warning masks, maintaining a certain distance, etc. I punched some relatable day-to-day stuff and made content out of it which was the first video of my incredible journey and yes, it got viral and of course, it convinced me enough that I stepped in.

Niranjan, we love how you imitate different characters! Can you share a bit about how you practice and bring those characters to life?

See everything around us is content you just have to put it accordingly. All those characters I played on social media do exist in my real life. I observe almost everything about that character very minutely like his/her accent, style, gesture, and even bindi😂 And then I just merge everything with a touch of laughtersane…and that’s it.

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What advice do you have for aspiring comedic content creators who want to make people laugh and have a successful career in comedy?

Don’t run for followers, or viewers, consistency, patience, and dedication is important, so focus on them only..followers, and viewers come along with them.

Talking about you & your partner Mainak, why is it important to eliminate the taboo around same-sex relationships?

To be able to love or choose your partner is a basic human right, it’s as simple as that. Love knows no boundaries and one must not be treated any differently for their sexual preferences. Human sexuality is complicated, people fail to distinguish desire, behavior, and identity hence there is so much confusion.

What makes you and Mainak the ultimate dream team, especially when it comes to working together on shoots? Can you share a heartwarming moment that exemplifies the magic of your partnership in creating amazing content together?

We don’t work as a team, because our work field is quite different but yes, whenever I need him to help me out with any shoot, any work, suggestions, or anything which is good for my career, he is always there to help.

I remember when I was shooting for Ritu Kumar, he did the entire set design and set-ups. He was coordinating the whole thing, which left me feeling so overwhelmed.

If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who would it be and what hilarious situations would you find yourself in?

As of now, I don’t really want to swap it. I’m in love with Niranjan’s journey. Each day is coming with a new story, a new turn and I don’t want to miss any bit of it, not even for 24 hours..hahaha.

With every milestone and achievement, our pride for Niranjan M knows no bounds. From humble beginnings to the shining star he is today, we stand in awe of his talent and unwavering dedication. As we reflect on his journey, we are filled with anticipation for the remarkable heights he will reach.

Let’s join hands in celebrating his accomplishments and sending our heartfelt wishes for an even brighter future.