In a significant development for bilateral ties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a momentous state visit to the United States. Stepping onto the global stage, Prime Minister Modi sought to bolster the already thriving relationship between India and the United States while engaging with President Joe Biden and other key officials. What got the netizens hooked is the PM Modi– Biden State Dinner that had all the big names and most important, a part of India, through Indian businessmen, Indian Creators based out of the US and Indian cuisines. 

The big decisions

Prime Minister Modi’s visit comes at a crucial time when both countries are keen on furthering their multifaceted alliance. With the world grappling with numerous challenges, including climate change, economic recovery, and global health crises, the meeting between the two leaders assumes even greater importance. 

Apart from the heads of Government making decisions for the two countries, many big organisations such as Google and Amazon have also laid down deals with respect to India and its people.

The famous White House State Dinner

A White House State Dinner is a formal event hosted by the President of the United States and the First Lady to honour visiting heads of state or government, foreign dignitaries, or other important guests. It is considered a prestigious affair that showcases the diplomatic and social hospitality of the United States. State Dinners are typically held in the State Dining Room.

The State Dinner Hosted for PM Narendra Modi

Joe Biden along with Jill Biden hosted a lavish State Dinner in the honour of PM Narendra Modi. Ditching the State Dining room which has a capacity of only 120 people, the dinner was moved to the South Lawn pavilion for a bigger gathering. Apart from American dignitaries and politicians, many Indians were also seen at the White House Dinner.

A piece of India

The White House dinner had Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani along with his wife Nita Ambani in attendance. Not only popular businessmen but also Indian American content creators such as Shivani Bafna, Zarna Garg, Payal,Dr Neelam Patel, Aditi Shah, Rohan Oza and others were also present at the event, interacting with all those in attendance. Alongside, South Asia’s well-known capital venture founder Anip Patel was also present at the event, having a gala time with everybody. 

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Shivani Bafna, who became a viral sensation after her proposal video in Paris and then took up content creation full time, now creating fashion and beauty content was also present at the event. Wearing a multi coloured blazer and blouse, Shivani attended the event with full enthusiasm representing her Indian-American heritage. Zarna Garg, a content creator and comic, known for her hilarious take on Indian mothers was also seen at the dinner clicking pictures with the Indian PM and VP of the United States of America. 

Alongside Indians present at the event, the dinner had an elaborate menu consisting of Indian delicacies, keeping in mind PM Narendra Modi’s preferences. Indian favourites such as Samosa and Masala Chai were also served during the special dinner. What stole our heart was the Mango Halwa that had a Parle G crust to it. Parle G is not another biscuit, it is in fact a food habit that has both sentimental and emotional value to it.

The White House State Dinner organised for the Prime Minister of India was not only significant in political terms but also in socio-cultural terms as it gave a platform to many Indian-American content creators to represent their motherland. One of its kind, this will pave the way for many content creators to represent themselves and their work on big platforms such as these.