Dikshant is a young and artistic singer songwriter who is one of the biggest stars the internet has produced. His big break on the music social platform came from a viral song he created – ‘Aankhon Se Batana‘.

While he doesn’t have the largest following on Social Media but his Music does wonders and works as a stress-buster for many. He is a great singer and loves creating music and experimenting with the music field.

The song is currently trending on India Charts at #1 on Spotify Viral 50 and on the Spotify Top 200 chart at #164. Dikshaant has also been named the Artist of the month on Spotify’s Fresh Finds. And setting the bar higher each day, the social media star is now again dropping a Song “Muskaan“.

About the Song “Muskaan”

It is the intense yearning for the long-distance lover and the exhilaration of meeting them after a long, long time. The sheer joy, that happy feeling is all that matters. It eases away all the heartaches and insecurities, the great pains of long-distance love.

The time together, now, is all that matters. Muskan is that moment. Muskan is that treasure, so don’t forget to check out his new song!

There’s no denying the hold he has on the world. Dikshant is popular as a Singer, Song-Writer, and Composer. His content is wildly popular, and often receives a lot of engagement from his followers.

In a conversation with Social Nation Now, he told us about everything went through while creating the song and more.

Thematically, your profile looks like you’ve been writing from the combined perspective of nostalgia, maturity as well as strong-headedness. What sort of thoughts and subjects drive you to write songs?

Well, as a writer you have to think from every perspective. You really have to embody a character and think like them regardless of the fact that you may or may not have been in a similar position.

Frankly, I’m very observant, so that helps me narrate my personal experiences and express my feelings. The aim is to turn those everyday experiences into relatable stories which are best expressed through my music. 

Let’s start from the very beginning. It looks like you’ve done a lot of writing over quarantine, which is crazy to think about! How has the pandemic helped you better yourself?

Yes, quarantine was the best period as an artist in my life. My writing really diversified during this period in both – the topics I was writing on and the formats I was writing in.

I wrote stories, poems, and of course songs. Like I said I’m very observant and my observations about the lockdown and everything around me actually turned out to be the inspiration behind my song ‘Sheher’. Lockdown really helped me explore my potential and get out of my comfort zone as a creator. 

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Taking a look into the depth of your life!  Do you remember the very first time you sang? Maybe the first lyric?

Yes, I vividly remember my first ever performance where I was on the stage and my grandparents and my parents were in the audience. I performed for the first time in my life when I was in kindergarten. I sang a Marathi song ‘chocolate cha bangla’. And I wrote my first song when I was in 9th grade. It is not out yet though.

You are extremely talented when it comes to singing and playing the guitar, what other hidden talents do you have?

I love to learn new things. I used to participate in every school activity like dancing, drawing, and acting competitions throughout my school life.

As I grew up and started creating content on my own, I feel like somewhere along the line I picked up shooting skills and editing skills for both photos and videos. So yes I guess photography and shooting videos are becoming my thing now as well.

Does your recent track mention a romantic relationship, is this rooted in experience, or is it more of a universal theme that you have touched on?

So the song ‘Aankhon se batana‘ is a song inspired by weddings and all the inexpressible feelings between a married couple or yet-to-be-married one. But married or not married, single or dating, whenever we struggle to tell someone how we feel, don’t we all just want that person to say ‘tum aankhon se batana hum samaj jayenge’?

From a fan perspective, What kind of songs are on your go-to playlist?

I am open to every type of genre but I mainly listen to songs that have great lyrics and stories. Oh and also rap! 

In the coming days, how much are you willing to make such heart-on-sleeve pop music?

There are a lot of songs that are on the way. All of them carry an array of emotions and themes. My next song, Muskan, is going to be released on the 25th of July!

When you put a song on the shelf, what are your expectations? Using this platform if you had to share a thought with your fans what would that be?

Whenever I put a song out I genuinely feel like I just want people to connect with it and my high expectations are related to that. I love to find out how many people relate to it and how the song has made an impact on their minds and life. May you find the best track of your life every time you listen to songs.

Rest assured Dikshant would be bringing more quality music in the coming year!