Every time a sports article pops up on someone’s screen, the chances of readability are mostly on your likelihood of the sport. So if you’re a basketball fan, this article will be something that interests you. If not, read and get to know about one of the highest-ranked Basketballers- Dhruv Barman.

Dhruv is one of the highest-ranked Indian individuals in the FIBA 3X3 rankings. He plays his way through the game and life. In a conversation with Social Nation, Dhruv told more about his journey and learnings.

  1. How did your Basketball journey start?

My basketball journey started because of my brother. I remember the Space Jam movie came when we were in school and my elder brother used to watch it. He started playing Basketball and as he played, I started too. I was 6 years old when I started playing Basketball and there was no going back then. As a kid, I played football and cricket too, but then finally chose to continue with Basketball only and I have no regrets over that. I was obsessed with the game and really enjoyed watching seniors play in the school. I went on to play state level and won a gold medal in the 9th standard.

My team was the best basketball team in Delhi and we won almost all the tournaments that we played! I went to play Nationals but due to some political issues, I did not play. As a kid, it broke my heart, but I made my way to Canada later where I formed my own team. It was tough but I did it and eventually, I was leading the 3 points league. I came back to India in 2017, played 3BLeague, won, and felt the desire to stay back in the country and continue playing here. I was ranked first in 3×3 which just boosted me to play for the country. I have been endorsed by Puma, and I am a Redbull global all-star for India. In season 2 of 3Bleague, I was the most valuable player in round 2. I fought a lot to get where I am but once I did, I made sure to stay in the field.

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2. What are the problems you have faced while pursuing Basketball? What inspires you to keep playing?

The problems that I faced while playing Basketball were political drama which happens with players at some point and the fact that I was choosing basketball as a career. Though my parents were supportive, it was a big decision to choose the game as a career. I got everything in life when I chose basketball and I couldn’t be luckier than this.

3. What would you be doing if not playing basketball?

There was no other option other than Basketball. I made this my options A and I am glad I did that. Having no backup made me strong in my game and choosing it as a career.

4. How has being a basketball player affected your life other than just the game? What has the game taught you?

The game has taught me in innumerable ways. It taught me discipline. The game taught me to fight my way through. Basketball taught me that you don’t take no for an answer in life and never be afraid to fail. My attitude changed because of this game and it made me stand strong everywhere in life.

5. How important is social media for you?

My thing is, ‘Not to think too much and go ahead with posting whatever I want to’. I want to show people how I am and not judge them based on ‘Log kya Kahenge’. I try to inspire people to not just show just what is all good and show reality as well.

In 2021, I had an injury called Achilles and I went through surgery- It was the toughest time and I couldn’t play for a year and a half. It was a tough battle but I made sure to come back, play, and be a champion in my eyes. I displayed my injury, hardships, and everything on my socials. 

6. What do you think is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement has been coming back from the injury. It was depressing and tough but I overcame it and now I know nothing can break me in life. Coming back from it and playing (recently) for Goa was my recent win and to me it was great.

7. Something you would like to tell everyone- something you’ve learned over the years?

I would only want to tell everyone reading that please don’t give up! Keep doing what you love, and it will make sense someday. Your hard work will get you results. Keep going, no matter what and you will see yourself become a champion, hard work never goes to waste and I want to show that to everyone.  

As the star continues to play, we wish him luck and win through the game and life. Follow his content to know more about him.