Shlok Shrivastava aka Tech burner ranks among the fastest-growing technology influencers in India. Amassing millions of followers on Social media had an intention of making it work and growing the tech world digitally. His impressive content creation and entrepreneurship skills have helped him to become the most influential tech reviewer.

Starting his Youtube Channel – Tech Burner was not a part of his plan. It began with him making in-depth tech-centric videos for his friends at SRM University in Chennai to simplify the concepts of mobile software. His take on this video helped him realize the simplicity of videos that carried great value for others. He then decided and was set to polish his presentation skills. Seven years later, the tech influencer created ‘How To’ tutorials on gadgets, product reviews, and life hacks, and gained instant recognition adding to the value of his viewership of more than 50 million every month.

In his video, he explained his motto and vision? “We want to make technology simple, fun, and entertaining. It is a drawback of technology that it cannot reach common people and that they can’t understand the nuances of it. So we are trying to figure out ways to reach every part of society and take complex technologies to them.”

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Making a golden mark in the tech content creation space with refreshing and entertaining content. Having an immense interest in technology, he turned his passion into his lifestyle. He makes content by making technology easy for the audience using creative, relatable, and quirky formats.

He and his team have a strong faith in collaboration. With an overwhelming number of products launching every week, the entire team works together and comes up with ideas for the content. The team is constantly trying to remove the stigma that technology is for nerds and is making an effort to educate people on tech in “a fun and entertaining way”.

As a kid, Shlok was very enthusiastic about gadgets and toys. In Shlok’s early days, he used his laptop mic and phone camera to make videos. Srivastava learned a lot from his college about technology and computers. By the way, talking about technology and gadgets is very common. So, he chose to make his videos interesting by adding some humor and jokes so that his fans will not get bored.

The content is always for the audience and the main aim is to provide information to the audience in the best way possible. The content creation space is expanding by the day with new creators joining in. Shlok shares that content creators need to figure out why they want to create content and what is the motive.

Shlok entertains the public with his comedy and also gives knowledge about technology. Srivastava is popular just because of the way Shlok talks about technology and creates high videos. Many people are his big fans. Tech burner is very active on social media and always shares his travel, life events, and funny videos.

His content ranges from unboxing and reviewing phones, laptops, and cameras.

When Shlok works with companies, he forms a relationship that will last a long time. Shlok chooses brands and companies, only after testing their gadgets in depth.