Do you regularly scroll reels on Instagram? Then you might be aware of this storyteller who has a creative way of describing situations via songs. Yes, we’re talking about Abhijeet Kain!

It is definitely a race on social media to give content that is up to the trends, is of purpose, and makes the audience think and rewatch it. All of this- is not easy to attain and yet there are creators doing it easily without fail and making their pages grow. Abhijeet just might be top of that list, for the fact that his content is USP.

In an interview with Social Nation, Abhijeet told us about how he started his content journey and what is it that keeps him going.

How did you start your journey of content creation?

I was studying animation when I realized that I have a creative mind but I also realized I wasn’t inclined to do that for long. So now when I finally found that platform in social media, I made sure to grab hold of this chance. I wanted to give it a complete try and that has brought me here today.

Your content is different and hence so loved. What was the idea behind this content? How did it first come to you?

I have loved making songs from a different perspective since I was a kid in school, but back then it was very casual and I did not know where I should present this. When I started my content creation journey I knew this was something that I was good at and was passionate about so naturally, I worked on this, and thankfully it was loved by audiences.

What was your childhood like? Were you always enjoying the music and then acting it?

I had a very protected childhood growing up with a lot of rules and regulations. But they were only about studies. My parents also enjoyed movies and shows and also encouraged acting and other forms of creativity in the household. I have always enjoyed music and comedy so finding a way to combine the two is a perfect scenario for me.

How do you plan your content? Is there a certain way that you plan reel content?

The creative process always differs. Finalizing a concept also varies, sometimes it takes days to get an idea and sometimes it only takes a few minutes. Once the idea is final I work on it but I always make sure I have a bank of posts I like that are ready to go, while still seeming fresh.

If it wasn’t for content creation I would still be pursuing Graphic Design and Animation probably, it was a field I liked but what I do right now is something that I love.

Abhijeet Kain

What are your family’s views about your content?

My family is completely supportive of my content creation and the type of content I make. They too find it hilarious and tell me to pursue it as long as it continues to make me happy.

What do you love about social media? How’s the love or hate from the audience? Is there any incident that made you feel really grateful, and happy about putting out content as you do?

I love that Social Media gives me a chance to make the content I love, I can engage with the people who appreciate my work and that really makes me feel good about my content. Every day I get to do this I feel lucky and grateful. I am also fortunate enough to get so many people who love me and my content that it overpowers the small number of people who may not like me. Whenever I read my DMs and see that my videos made someone’s day, it fills me with a sense of pride.

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Now that you have a mass audience, is there something you try to tell them through content? Do you feel the pressure of the responsibility of putting out the right content?

I just want to inspire my viewers to embrace their uniqueness just as I have and make them feel confident about the things they create. I do feel a responsibility towards my viewers and what I put out but that comes with the influence I now have.

Does it ever fear you that your content might get out of connection or people may not feel the same about it?

I definitely do think about that at times but I can not be in constant fear of that happening, I like to focus on the present and do what I love for as long as I can. If I feel the content needs to adapt then I will but right now I feel content.

Is there anything more that you want to do other than the kind of content that you do?

Yes definitely! Exploring & making a new type of content with other creators and collaborating is on my wish list and I have even started doing it recently and I’m excited to do that.

What is the message you would like to give to the audience reading?

I just want to tell the readers that you are creative and unique in your own special ways so just let go of inhibitions and start doing what makes you happy and you believe in yourself.

The creator has his own uniqueness when he makes content and has given you the same message to do so. Check out his content and you might just find the kind of inspiration you’re looking for.