The doting daughter of Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodhkar, Sitara, has been creating ripples in the entertainment industry. Despite being just eleven years old, she was signed in a jewellery advertisement, with PMJ Jewels and the advertisement was featured at the world-famous Times Square. The young superstar is now part of a short film, in line with the PMJ Jewels advertisement, titled “Princess.” As the Princess celebrates her birthday today, the proud parents unveiled the short film on their respective Instagram accounts. 

Sitara in Princess for PMJ Jewels

The Princess

Written and directed by Shourya Paruvu and presented by PMJ Jewels, the advertisement film showcases Sitara as a real-life princess. Reluctant to celebrate the Half-saree ceremony, a tradition witnessed in South Indian states, where lavish celebrations are called for once the girl attains puberty.

In the ad film, Sitara is shown as a girl who is raised in the US and does not appreciate this particular ceremony. To cheer her granddaughter, the grandmother takes her to the PMJ Jewels store where she will be treated as the princess that she is. Being transported to a magical land filled with precious stones, Sitara imagines herself as a Queen adorning a gorgeous crown comfortably experiencing the power of a throne. 

The Princess short film is a part of the advertisement campaign that Sitara signed with PMJ Jewels. As a part of this campaign, Sitara has a signature collection with the brand that goes under her name.  For her campaign, she received a substantial payment of Rs 1 crore, which she donated to a charity.

The Times Square Debut

Sitara’s first commercial was displayed in Times Square, which brought immense joy to her parents, Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar. It’s quite remarkable that at such a young age, she secured such a significant endorsement deal, a feat not commonly achieved even among star kids. She is said to be one of the few star kids or even children to make it to Times Square. 

Overwhelmed with her achievement, Sitara took to Instagram to express her excitement, while her mother, Namrata, also shared her pride on social media. Mahesh Babu, a proud father, shared the news with his fans, praising his daughter’s accomplishments. These adorable posts from both parents received huge engagement on the social media platform.

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Sitara’s brother Gautam Ghattamaneni also shared a post for his dear sister’s debut on Times Square and expressed the pride he felt over his sister’s achievements. Wishing her a more flourishing journey ahead, Gautam captioned it ’Onwards and Upwards.’ 

Sitara- the social media star

At a young age, Sitara is deeply loved on social media and the 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account are a standing proof of this. She regularly updates her fans and followers about her day-to-day life, her precious moments with her parents and the goofing around she does with her brother. She also posts pictures with her friends showing her usual life, one that most children of her age experience. 

Recently, Sitara took to her gram to post about her collaboration with PMJ Jewels. She shared various pictures from the shoot and yesterday also shared the ad film that has been breaking the internet because she truly looks like a princess.

Sitara’s wholesome birthday celebration

Apart from the pre-birthday ad fil with PMJ Jewels, Sitara has won the internet with another kind and generous act. Instead of going for lavish birthday parties, the star kids decided to celebrate her day with the girls from the Mahesh Babu Foundation, a non-profit organisation run by her father, Actor Mahesh Babu. 

As a part of this, Sitara gifted pink bicycles to the girls that would make their commute to school easier. She cut her birthday cake and spent the time laughing and enjoying herself with these girls. Her mother Namrata Shirodkar took to her Instagram account to show her daughter’s thoughtfulness. 

Sitara has already amassed a substantial fan following, with over a million followers on Instagram. She has become the face of PMJ Jewels, the brand behind the Times Square advertisement, and even launched her signature collection with them while also being featured in an ad film. Among all these feats, her generosity and her kindness are the two qualities that shine the most in her.

Wishing this young superstar a very Happy Birthday!