Siddharth Batra is well-known for breaking fashion stereotypes. He’s an influencer, a content creator and now, a YouTuber. His fashion videos have a lot of admiration and inspiration among his admirers. His fans also enjoy watching the duo, Siddharth and Komal, in their fashion videos together. Both of them are well-known in the world of fashion influencers, as they should be. Today, though, we’re here to discuss Siddharth’s debut YouTube video. So, without further ado, how about we get right into it?

He announced this news by giving us a glimpse of the video on Instagram and stating that it premieres the next day, June 21st. The caption read, “HI, WELCOME TO MY YOUTUBE! Cannot contain myself, my excitement, my everything!!! My first-ever YouTube video premieres tomorrow, with the BIGGEST peak into how I prepped for @komalpandeyofficial’s birthday and our first anniversary night. Feat. almost 1 month of planning, every single detail and personal/exclusive AF footage. Go subscribe to my YT channel (link in bio) and don’t forget to press the bell icon. See you tomorrow at 6, ILY.”.

Given that it was not only Komal’s birthday but also their first year anniversary, his video received a lot of love, with over 120 thousand views. The video demonstrates how much effort he made to make Komal feel loved and special, and believe me when I say that many viewers, including myself, were moved to tears when Komal entered and saw everything. I’m not going to ruin what all he did, but let me give you a sneak peek into it.

He left no stone unturned, from ordering her a gift from her favourite brand to neon signs to a dinner table with a bar menu and a variety of cuisines, as well as having the entire room decorated by an event planner. The vlogs demonstrated how much labour and time all of this required, yet Siddharth happily gave it his all for his special one, and we can’t help but awe! I’ll quit hyping it and building the anticipation and just let you watch it now.

I hope this couple experiences everyday with togetherness, no matter what because aren’t they so special together! We can’t wait for more videos by Siddharth and wish him all the luck for this new journey. And until my pen writes moe for you, go and check out all the pictures from this day on Komal and Siddharth’s Instagram accounts by tapping on their names. Have a day filled with love, y’all!