In a world where social media influencers wield immense power over public opinion and engagement, the recent incident involving Kylie Jenner serves as a striking example of the responsibility creators bear when using their platforms to advocate for a cause. Kylie Jenner, one of Instagram’s most-followed users, recently faced a substantial loss of followers after expressing support for Israel during a period of heightened conflict in the region. This incident has sparked a broader debate regarding the ethical and practical aspects of creators using their influence to champion various causes on social media

Creators and cause through social media


Creators have done wonderful work using social media platforms during natural disasters and even the pandemic. Carry Minati AKA Ajey Nagar is a perfect example of this, when he helped the families in the Odisha train accident through a live stream. There are many benefits of creators using their platform for a social cause.

Responsibility and Impact

Creators often have a significant influence on their audience. With this influence comes a certain level of social responsibility. Using their platform for a cause can help raise awareness, drive positive change, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Amplification of Voices

They can use their platform to amplify the voices of marginalised or underrepresented communities. They can provide a platform for these groups to share their experiences and advocate for their rights.

Inspiration and Mobilisation

By using their platform for a cause, creators can inspire their audience to get involved in important issues. This can lead to collective action and mobilisation, making a real impact on the cause they support.

Why should creators use social media for a cause


Authenticity and Trust

Audiences tend to appreciate creators who are genuine and authentic. When creators use their platform for a cause they truly believe in, it can strengthen the trust and connection between them and their followers.

Personal Fulfilment

Many creators find personal fulfilment in using their platform for a cause. It allows them to align their work with their values and make a positive difference in the world.

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While many good things can come out of creators using their platform to raise awareness. Sometimes, personal opinions may clash with larger public sentiment resulting in excessive trolling of the creators. This can hurt the creator’s mental health and image causing an unnecessary controversy. Let us see some of the reasons why creators or celebrities in general are advised to not champion a cause through their social media.

Audience Alienation

Abruptly shifting focus to a cause can alienate existing followers who follow the creator for other types of content. This can lead to a loss of audience and engagement.


Some creators may be tempted to jump on the “cause” bandwagon for the sake of popularity, without a genuine commitment to the issue. This inauthenticity can be transparent and damage their reputation.

Overwhelming Causes

Creators may be passionate about multiple causes, leading to a dilemma of which one(s) to support. Advocating for too many causes can dilute their message and effectiveness.

Controversy and Backlash

Advocating for a cause often attracts attention and opinions from all sides. Creators who use their platform for a cause can face backlash and criticism, which may be emotionally taxing.

Why creators should not use social media for a cause


Distracting from Original Content

For some creators, their original content is their primary focus and source of income. Shifting the focus to a cause can be distracting and affect their livelihood.

The incident involving Kylie Jenner underscores the fact that creators possess the potential to be influential change-makers in today’s digital landscape. However, they must approach advocacy with responsibility, humility, and a well-rounded understanding of the causes they support. While their impact can be significant, creators should be mindful of the potential consequences, both positive and negative, that come with using their platform for a cause.