Sarah Betts, the Australian doll, brings you a one-stop destination for your search when looking for a Model, Youtuber, Clothing Diva, and Model. 

Her YouTube channel – Sarah Betts will get you glued to her makeup tutorials. Sarah’s take on makeup has helped to shoot her shot to her much-deserved fame. Sarah is a makeup enthusiast, best known for her morning and night routine which helps her in enlightening her followers through her YouTube videos.

She also enjoys posting her personal tips and tricks for hairstyles and that helped her to bag up 1.5 plus million subscribers. She started her journey 6 years ago, wherein she posts videos of her skincare routine which her followers religiously follow.

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Sarah Bett’s YouTube

Yet, it is YouTube that helped her transform her life and give her a major source of happiness in her life. She began filming in 2016 when a career as a YouTuber was not a traditional career. Today, on her Channel you can find videos of makeup, hairstyle tutorials, travel vlogs, lifestyle videos, daily vlogging, and motivational videos.

And to take a little sneak peek into Sarah’s channel it also consists of videos excluding makeup-related content. For instance, the gorgeous beauty guru channel makes fun challenge videos and storytimes alongside her ex-boyfriend Kane Foster, who is also a Youtuber and social media influencer.

One can find eye-pleasing pictures of her on her Instagram account. Along with her random selfies, Being a wanderlust herself, Sarah loves to showcase her travel vlogs on her channel.

She’s also trying her level best to grasp her hands on her recently started the company and proving to be the best enterperuner for her self started company Now Daze, which sells packs of photography portrait prints to post on the wall that helps you re-decorate your flat to get the feeling of home.

Despite the hard times and low points of her life, she never gave up and pursued her dreams relentlessly. This was all about the incredible journey of the talented girl, Sarah Betts!