On Our Radar: Meet the trailblazers who are shaping the future of content creation

In the vast landscape of digital content creators, there are a few remarkable individuals who possess the rare talent of bringing a smile to your face through a screen. Recently, the Social Nation team had the opportunity to engage in a delightful conversation with two such beautiful and funny souls, Sai and Shrutik. Let’s delve deeper into their lives and get to know these charming personalities even better.

Shrutik Kolambekar, also known as Konshrutik, nurtured a deep passion for acting since childhood and always felt it was his true calling. Despite not receiving formal training, he actively engaged with the world of theater. During the lockdown, Shrutik collaborated with his friend and brother, Kunal, creating reels that gained noticeable growth. This success further strengthened Shrutik’s belief in achieving his dream of becoming an actor.

On the other hand, Sai Nikam initially never considered content creation as a career path. He initially followed the traditional route of pursuing engineering, inspired by his father. However, after completing 10th grade and realizing engineering may not be viable due to low grades, Sai decided to explore other options. Opting for commerce, he contemplated a career in banking.

However, his experiences in the creative field since 2016 made him realize that the conventional 9-to-5 lifestyle didn’t align with his true aspirations. Embracing content creation wholeheartedly, Sai embarked on a path that resonated with his passion and sense of purpose.

Sai and Shrutik Interview

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Why did you choose comedy as your genre?

Sai: I have always enjoyed entertaining people, and I noticed that whenever I spoke in a group, people would laugh and enjoy my company. It was during this time that I realized many people around me were creating comedy videos so I became particularly inspired by ‘beyounick’, and as I started making sketches, I discovered that it was something I genuinely enjoyed. With this realization, I began working towards pursuing comedy as my genre.

Shrutik: From the start, I always believed that I was perfectly suited for the role of “romantic comedy.” However, I found that I struggled to attract romantic partners, leaving me with limited options. As a result, I naturally gravitated toward comedy. Interestingly, now that I have a girlfriend, she is also involved in comedy.

Consequently, if you observe my content, it often revolves around her playfully irritating me. People have unexpectedly embraced and connected with this comedic dynamic, finding amusement in her entertaining antics. It has become a form of comedy where her teasing behavior is appreciated and considered amusing by the audience.

When did you begin creating content and which video of yours went viral, and in what year did it happen?

Sai: When I started creating content back in 2016, I focused on making Marathi videos under the page “Shuddh Marathi Vines.” However, the group eventually disbanded, and during the lockdown, I faced the challenge of not having a good phone. The Samsung phone I had didn’t provide the desired clarity for content creation.

It was only after I acquired an iPhone that I realized I could create high-quality content. In 2021, I started utilizing Instagram Reels, and to my surprise, the one video that I had posted went viral. It was a trend based on a Ganpati song, and suddenly, I noticed an inflow of people visiting my page, giving me a hundred likes at once, and gaining followers. I was genuinely shocked by the response.

Shrutik: In 2021, after returning from my village, I started creating content, and it was during that time that my first video went viral. It featured Sonali, portraying the role of an “annoying girlfriend“. That video gained significant popularity and continues to be well-known. Following that, another video related to “iPhone” became the first video on my profile to reach a million views.

Can you describe how you felt on the day your video went viral? Provide us with a breakdown of the emotions you experienced.

Sai: On the day my video went viral, I didn’t feel much initially. While I was happy about reaching a million views, I also felt a sense of worry because I didn’t gain a significant number of followers immediately. This concern about the lack of followers led me to constantly check my notifications for any resharing activity of the video.

Shrutik: Whenever I saw other people’s profiles with 150K+ views, I often wondered why I couldn’t achieve the same and wished to reach 100K+ views myself. So, when my video actually went viral and surpassed those numbers, I was overjoyed. It felt like a dream come true, as what I had previously envisioned was finally happening.

If given the opportunity, which fictional character from a movie or series would you choose to swap lives with?

Sai: Tony Stark!

Shrutik: Ranbir Kapoor from YJHD!

If your life were transformed into a sitcom, what would be the central theme or storyline that drives the comedic narrative?

Sai: Farzi!

Shrutik: Friends!

Could you share any humorous bloopers, mishaps, or funny incidents that occurred during your shoots?

Sai: During my shoot in December in Manali, there was a funny incident involving my friend Tanmay. He expressed his desire to have a shirtless video while lying in the snow. We agreed to let him do it, but then he insisted that we join him in this endeavor. Given the freezing temperatures, we all declined his proposal.

However, Tanmay continued to persuade us, completely disregarding the cold weather. Eventually, we had to lift him up, but in the process, we accidentally dropped him not once, but four times. So, such incidents tend to happen frequently during our shoots.

Shrutik: This kind of situation often occurs when I collaborate with Sonale on video shoots. Recently, while shooting for a reel with a three-video setup featuring Sai, the intention was to create an emotional video. However, unexpectedly, the video turned out to be funny. Sonali had to deliver her lines in Hindi, and even though it wasn’t our intention, the emotional aspect ended up having a humorous twist.

Please watch the bloopers for this particular shoot in my highlights. They capture the funny moments that occurred during the filming process.

Shrutik Kolambekar and Sai Nikam

If given the opportunity, is there a specific person, whether living or dead, with whom you would love to collaborate or work alongside?

Sai: I would definitely love to work with Shantanu Rangnekar. His content is incredibly unique and different, and I am a great admirer of his acting skills. His passion for his work is evident, and I find all of his videos highly relatable. Collaborating with him would be a wonderful opportunity.

Shrutik: Certainly, Shantanu Rangnekar is someone I would love to work with. Additionally, another person I admire and would be thrilled to collaborate with is Bemandy. I truly appreciate his work, and it would be an incredible experience to have the opportunity to work alongside him.

Given your frequent collaboration on videos, if you were tasked with writing a Zomato review based on your collective experiences, how would you describe your overall experience?

Shrutik: (Imitates writing on phone) Bhaiya, please time pe aajaya karo, yaar!

Sai: I would give his jokes a rating of 1 star.

Shrutik: (Again Imitates writing on phone) He’s not at all punctual. If you call him at 4, he will come by 4:30.

Can you share your future plans and what interesting things we can expect from you in the near future?

Sai: I feel that it’s best to go with the flow and embrace whatever is happening.

Shrutik: I have plans to get married, haha! In terms of my career, I am focused on pursuing acting. We have an upcoming web series that will be released soon, and I also have a web series that is already available called “Pregnant Roommate,” on YouTube which you should definitely check out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Additionally, there is another series called “Unsorted” that has been in the works for the past two years. It has taken longer than the Brahmāstra movie, but we hope to release it soon. Furthermore, there is another series currently in the writing phase, so we’ll see when that will be live.

With their endearing personalities and comedic talents, Sai and Shrutik have unquestionably charmed their way into our hearts. Their genuine passion for spreading laughter is evident, making them a delightful duo to watch. As they continue their journey, we can’t help but feel excited for the joy and laughter they will bring to the world.