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Safer Internet Day, an initiative by EU Safer Borders project was commenced in 2004. Observed on February 8, the day is all about working towards making the internet more respectful for a better creative experience. It focuses on issues like cyberbullying, digital identity, and other social networking problems.

More than 200 countries have come together for this endeavor and the stakeholders from all the world assemble to make internet a safer and better place.

This day is meant to create awareness amongst all and Meta owned Messenger has joined the bandwagon. The platform aims to highlight how users should take control of their Inbox where ‘Respect’ triumphs all. According to the insights from the official blog, one should first analyze what respect means to them and what it looks like in their chat box.

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The blog highlights elements such as setting your boundaries by deciding when you are visible online, which messages go to request folder, to taking control of your inbox. Any disrespectful action and Messenger has all the tools you’d require, report, block or even restrict an unnecessary contact.

Messenger, now has a convenient tree guide to set all the important boundaries and take all the control of your situation. This day is a great opportunity for parents and guardians to assess and monitor how their child interacts with the online world.

Source: Messenger

Parents often tend to set the parental controls and forget about it in the long run. Although this day is like reminder for all the parents and guardians to review and reset the controls. Messenger Kids also has also introduced a feature which allows parents to designate proper screen time to their kids. It offers a “Sleep mode” which is a great way to keep your kids’ screen time in a balance.

Safer Internet Day
Source: Messenger

The theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day is “together for a better internet” and we must say Messenger understood the assignment, undoubtedly. This Safer Internet Day let’s all affirm to make internet a space that is friendly, respectful and critical.