This young content creator has mastered the skill of hitting the right nerves of every song with correct expressions. What more? Rukaiya’s ever-smiling face makes her content relatable and a delight to watch. Rukaiya Firoz Khan is a rising social media star, well known for her dancing, reaction, pranks, and lip-syncing skills.

She started her career on TikTok and her videos went viral leading her to gain fame and a million followers on social media in a short period. Rukaiya also has her youtube channel – ‘Rukaiya khan‘ where she shares similar content which will get you glued to her lip-syncing videos. You can find eye-pleasing content of her on her social media accounts.

Social media has played a key factor to empower her creativity and helping her to showcase her talent and creativity. An independent, confident, and beautiful lady has paved her way with diverse talents. Khan’s enthusiastic approach and regular posting on Instagram has earned her multiple partnerships with many brands, making her one of the most successful influencers on social media.

Listing the top 10 videos must-watch lip-syncing videos of Rukaiya khan that make her the “Ruler of Instagram’-

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Neha grabbed everyone’s attention due to her amazing facial expressions and killer looks. So, what’s stopping you? Go check her content and follow her for more.